Marshall Game Thread 2022

Looking at Marshall’s roster, it seems they’ve decided to go “prep school international.” They’ve got three international players who prepped at the Hoosac School, a prep that specializes in hoops located on the Mass state line in upstate NY. One is 6’10 and another is a 7 footer.

They’ve only got one player from WV on the roster. They have a player from Archbishop Alter.

FWIW - Marshall’s athletics web site sucks.

Got to win this one…

Sure would be nice to grab a win. Looking for a more complete, 40 min game than what we’ve seen thus far.

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Jacob Connor is the 6-8 SF from Alter.

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All I can say about this Marshall game (and it’s been said before by an old law enforcement official) is…”Let’s get them Dukes!”

What makes this a “must win” game? By most computer rankings, Marshall is a top 150 program by most computer models (typically in the 120’s). We’re typically sitting in the 240’s. While I really don’t want to lose this and end up 1-4 after IU, I don’t think it’s a must win. A win would indicate a significant step up from where we’ve been.


I agree. Until this team has Safford, and Williams if he’s back, not sure how you say they have to win. They should play better and a win shouldn’t be out of the question, but this is just a weird situation with the absences.


Way over-complicating…I did not say “must”…just got to win, it’s an expression.

There are no true “must” wins this early or really this season (unless they are Mapleleafs, Mary’s of the Woods, etc.)…but you are really citing rankings (three games in)? Come on, in that case…Miami just played with the ~100th ranked team on the road, with a bunch of giveaways…the current crew can and should expect to be able to beat Marshall at home.

Would be huge a step forward, confidence for the frosh, and fan engagement. So again, got to get this one…Marshall lost to Queens U of NC, who?

These guys will get it done, Thursday.

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If you think they’re that bad, Queens is only a 6.5 point underdog to A10 La Salle on the road. Any A10 team should be able to win by more than that, right?

Here are the issues:

  • Marshall has an offensive rebounding rate of 39%. We haven’t done well on the boards.
  • Marshall averages 24.5 assists per game to our 10.5. We’re still working out the kinks in our defense and don’t rotate well after passes. That assist rate is concerning.
  • Their turnover rate is just under 10%. Ours is just over 18%. They really don’t turn the ball over much.

The areas we’re weak in, they’re particularly strong. If we win, it’ll mean we’ve worked out rebounding, defensive rotations, and our turnovers. So I don’t think we have to win, but if we do, it would make a statement.


How about we say “beating Marshall would be a nice win for a young team still trying to figure out all the moving parts early in the season”?


I just want to continue to see progress and there is nothing I’ve seen to date that would make me think I’ll be disappointed.


I expect–no DEMAND–a 66-6 run by us at some point.


Same thing, lol…but that works!


I repeat, those posers from Queens U (there’s only one Queen City and it’s not in NC) beat Marshall…

Fear the black curtain, cannot lose to Thundering Turd and their 80 year old coach (no offense to elderly, much respect).

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We’re playing Marshall. The late 90s/early 2000s demand that we beat them.


The Ohio Queen City is the former Porkopolis. The North Carolina Queen City is named for Charlotte of Mecklinberg - the wife of lovable King George III of Hamilton fame. Fun fact: The Queen City of Charlotte NC is the county seat of Mecklinberg County.

“And this Song of the Vine,
This greeting of mine,
The winds and the birds shall deliver,
To the Queen of the West,
In her garlands dressed,
On the banks of the Beautiful River.”

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Doesn’t Vine run up the hill to the Black and Red mess in Clifton?

LoL, dang it…Cincinnati seems so much older than Charlotte, NC…with so much more history.

While it make sense in NC that it could be older, but not coastal…Charlotte pop. 1900 ~18,000 ; Cincy pop. 325,000.

While we lament Cincy being stuck in the past forever, City has finally moved forward last 10 years, any way…interesting. Always thought the “Queen City” for Charlotte was a new thing.

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Another piece of trivia: when I moved to Seattle in 1975 it referred to itself as the “Queen City of the Pacific Northwest.” Acknowledging the confusion with Cincinnati and Charlotte, Seattle changed its official nickname to “The Emerald City” shortly after I got there.