Tuesday Nov 15

BG at UT 7:00 ESPNU
OU at BS 7:00 ESPN2

Wednesday Nov 16

EMU at Kent 6:00 ESPN2
Miami at NIU 7:00 CBSSN
WM at CMU 8:00 ESPNU

Saturday Nov19

AU at UB 3:30 CBSSN

Standings with total wins so you can see how bowl eligibility stands. Everybody has 2 games to play.

Ohio 5-1 7
UB 4-2 5
BG 4-2 5
KS 3-3 4
MU 2-4 4
AU 0-6 1


UT 5-1 7
BS 3-3 5
EMU 3-3 6
CMU 3-3 4
NIU 2-4 3
WM 2-4 3

BG going split squad.

Trying to double their chances!

Corrected above.

Just watching these games tonight makes me want to take a hot shower and put on a couple of sweaters and some gloves. I got great news today as my friend Jim T called and said he looked at next weeks weather forecast and made some calls and got the two of us into the press box for the Ball State game.

BG is quickly up 14-0 at Toledo. BG needs to beat either Toledo tonight or Ohio next week to qualify for a bowl game and get Coach Leffler off the coaching hot seat.


Both games kicked off at 7:05. Ball State and Ohio grinding it out on the ground. BG throwing it around the yard. Game might end in Muncie up to 15 minutes ahead of the one in Toledo. Right now there’re about even.

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BG brutalizing Toledo 21-0. Rockets not playing Finn tonight. They look like anything but MAC champions.

Ohio up 14-3. A win tonight and next week against BG gives them the MACEast. If Ball State loses tonight, they will have to beat us next week to be bowl eligible.


And we need to win tomorrow to make next week’s Redbird truly meaningful for us.

Ouch. Carson Steele and Kurtis Rourke both knocked out of the game within a minute of each other.

BG 21 UT 14 at the half. OU 17 BS 3 at the half. With OU and BS both losing their biggest stars, may not be much offense in the second half. Steele hit his head hard on the ground, so possible concussion. That may or may not effect his status for next week.

BG basketball loses at Wright State 80-71. Eastern Michigan getting hammered at Bradley, down 20 at halftime.

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So much for predictions. A minute ago there was 11:44 left in each game. Injuries and play reviews slowed Ball State vs Ohio way down.

Well. Next week’s game in Oxford is meaningful for Ball State. We’ll know tomorrow if it’s going to be meaningful for us.

Toledo BG finish awesome!

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OU 32 Ball State 18.

Toledo has just scored 2 TD’s late and go up 35-34 with 47 seconds left.

And BG hits a 40 yard pass for a TD and adds 2 more, so 42-35 BG with 9 seconds left. Kind of an unbelievable 4th quarter as the snow really picked up.

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So BG is bowl eligible!

BG winner. That means a winner take all game with Ohio next week. Leffler with a job saver!


So BG vs OU for MAC East, Bobcats lost QB?

But their backup came in and looked good?