MACC tickets are here

To download them you will need a Ticketmaster account or will have to create one.

Did they send an email with a link?

Yes, they did. And a second email to actually download your tickets. Convoluted process.

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My brother says ticketmaster account cost to crate one

Your brother is wrong. It costs nothing to register at Ticketmaster.

Who was the email from?

Are you really answering yourself or asking me? The emails are from Ford Field, so it’s from the Lions.

The tickets will be transferred through Detroit Lions Ticketmaster Account Manager. It’ll probably take them a little while to disburse all the tickets. It’s not a convoluted process and pretty standard for any tickets at most NFL/NBA stadiums.

You can login or set up an account here:

I bought mine through the Miami site. The deadline for buying them through Miami is tomorrow. Im assuming they will make a distribution Thursday.

I have my tickets - Miami’s tickets are issued through the Lions.


All I have so far is a confirmation email from Miami that my tickets will be issued by Ticketmaster by November 30. Nothing from Ticketmaster yet.

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I have mine and have downloaded them into my wallet on my phone.

I too bought mine through Miami. They’re coming from the Lions.

I’ve bought NFL tickets through Ticketmaster and never has it required two emails to access the tickets. The first email even said to watch for the second email to get the tickets. To me, that’s convoluted.

I agree. I guess that the upside is that if an old dude like me can figure this out, all you whippersnapers should breeze through the process.

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Have others not received their tickets yet? I keep checking for texts and emails from Ticketmaster but haven’t received anything as of this morning.

If I remember correctly, the e mail was from Ford Field.

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Only email I got from Ford Field was a list of events I could buy tickets to.

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No tickets shown for me on the Lions site. I guess I’ll just wait until tomorrow. Are others still without tickets or am I an outlier?

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I’ve gotten a confirmation too. Here’s note on bottom of email:

Note on email confirmation:

Delivery Method: MAC Championships
Tickets for the MAC Championship will be delivered via Mobile Delivery from
Ticketmaster by Thursday, November 30.

Nothing else yet. When do you hit the panic button?