MACademics - US News Rankings 2022-2033

US News Latest Rankings for Public Universities

Below are the brand new rankings for MAC schools with their undergraduate populations.

We have two in the top 50, another one in the top 100, three more that fall in the top 125 and three that make it into the top 150. Three MAC schools fall in the bottom tier group of public universities. I was surprised that NIU has such a small number of undergrads.

Buffalo #38 21,467

Miami #48 tie 16,977

Ohio #91 18,031

Ball State #107 tie 13,916

Kent State #107 tie 21,133

Central Michigan #124 11,424

Bowling Green #132 14,465

Toledo #146 tie 13,161

Western Michigan #146 tie 15,309


Eastern Michigan #169-237 12,720

Northern Illinois #169-237 11,834

Akron #169-237 12,268

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Other nearby schools…

OSU at #16
Pitt at #23
Indiana at #29

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Yep. The US News rankings seem to be skewing towards the huge AAUW size research universities the past several years. The smaller “public ivies” that emphasize undergrad education - Miami, UVM and William and Mary - have steadily slipped down the rankings list.

As a football note, Boise State can be found down in the bottom tier. That’s why, in spite of its football tradition,it’s never going to be a serious option for a PAC12 that includes, Stanford, Cal and Washington.


Didn’t Miami used to be ranked higher.

RIP Public Ivy

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US News includes grad programs as a percentage of their ranking calculation. Miami is never going to top this list with their lack of those programs. They also take into account the number of citations professors have. Ohio State (and I’m sure other large universities) has exploited that to give ridiculous offers to top cited professors in each field to inflate their numbers. Ohio State had (might still have) the top cited Computer Science professor, yet most FAANG companies don’t recruit from their because the students coming out are sub-par. They do recruit at Miami though. US News is just a research ranking and @NESCACDAD astutely noticed the connection.




Explains the huge jumps up the rankings list the past few years by schools like Ohio State and Florida.


Are we still top 5 in the undergraduate teaching ranking?

Idk. You have to subscribe to their Compass feature to access that. The University will let us know.


The contrast between the rankings of National Universities and Liberal Arts Colleges is interesting. The list of top LAC doesn’t change that much - dominated by NESCAC colleges, several California schools, the seven sisters colleges, Midwestern schools like Oberlin, Kenyon, Dennison, McCalester and by John’s Hopkins, Davidson, Sewanee and Washington & Lee from the South. It’s the same list every year. The focus of all of them is on undergraduate education and they are all small.

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Miami was ranked #31 in Public Universities in 2013; 46 last year, 48 now. Our yield has dropped to about 15%, hence acceptance of 92% of applicants. The good news is that MU attracts relatively strong applicants. I feel that the “reputation” portion of US News’ ranking has fallen for a number of reasons. Arguably, major sports success factors into the psyche of reviewers.

The University may not let us know. Down to #18 in Undergraduate Teaching. Big drop!

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I get that universities “game” the rankings, and that the algorithms have changed to favor the major doctorate and research universities. Regardless, I’m curious what MU leadership is doing to counter the trend.

Malcolm Gladwell has railed against the US News rankings for years. The linked podcast describes what it would take to game the system and push HBU Dillard University in New Orleans near the top. It is a ridiculous system, but so widely discussed that it forces universities like Miami to play along or suffer the consequences of a large drop.

Malcolm Gladwell - Project Dillard


Maybe join the Annapolis Group - agroup of prestigious colleges and universities that downplays the national ranking systems.

Indiana sucks! They can’t even get dining halls open when they say they should.

Or I guess I should say in a more genteel manner, they over promised and under delivered.

These rankings are nonsense


The acceptance rate of 92% makes us look really bad and not competitive at all. Miami just waived the application fee for Class of ‘23 HS grads. Is this a way to get more applicants, and therefore more denials to lower that rate? It certainly leaves a lot of cash on the table.

Other schools we’ve looked at (my son is a Sr in HS) have waived the application fee. But, UC waived it for a single day (8/1 when the Common App opened) and BGSU until Labor Day. Miami is simply free.

Those rankings nowadays are as rigged as the old BCS rankings.

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