MAC Tournament Watch

The MAC Tournament format ONLY includes the top-8 schools. That means that the bottom-4 will finish their respective season by March 4, 2022.

Currently Miami is in 9th place and 1/2 a game behind Bowling Green. This Saturday’s game might go a long way in determining whether or not Miami’s season continues after March 4th.


(6) 5-4 CMU (9 games remaining): vs. Ohio, @ WMU, vs EMU, @ Toledo, @ Ohio, @ Miami, vs. Kent, vs Miami, @ Akron
(7) 6-6 BALL STATE (7): @ Buffalo, vs. NIU, @ BGSU, @ Kent, vs EMU, vs. Akron, @WMU
(8) 5-8 BOWLING GREEN (7): @ Miami, vs. Buffalo, vs Ball, @ Akron, vs WMU, vs Ohio, @ Toledo
(9) 4-8 MIAMI (8): vs BGSU, @ Ohio, @NIU, vs. Buffalo, vs CMU, @ Toledo, @ CMU, vs. EMU

The 7th or 8th seed isn’t an exciting place to be imo. You’re probably going to be drilled by one of the two best teams in the conference. If you manage to pull an upset, you’ll probably do the MAC a terrible disservice by ensuring it is absolutely a one-bid league. The odds of making a deep run from the 7/8 is negligible. You’re either a conference home wrecker or road kill. Go to Cleveland when you’re in the top 6. Then make some noise.

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I want us to win every game we can- i would rather be 8 seed than 9 seed


We could potentially gain more from being the 9 seed and being left out.

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Mathematically we’ve got a shot at the top 8, but how many wins would that take, and how many more can we realistically get?

Also, I would be happy to do the MAC a disservice and bounce OU in the 1st round, even though it’s extremely unlikely.

I think we need 3 to 4 wins …challenge for sure.

MAC Tournament “watch” seems appropriate because that’s all we are going to be doing.


I think we can beat EMU and CMU at home (“can,” not necessarily “will.”). Any other wins? Depends on if/when Brown comes back.

I suppose…CMU I assume had major COVID cancels?

They are unknown to an extent…EMU has already beaten us…either way season is essentially over, Dalonte’s health avail/dictates if we have upset potential.

In the end another lost year.

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Bouncing one of the top two teams out of the dance and then crapping the bed in the next game doesn’t help our recruiting. Harder to sell recruits on playing in a one bid lead than playing in a two or multiple bid league. All that glitters isn’t gold.

The MAC getting multiple teams in the tourney 1 time in 2 decades isn’t going to help. It would need to be a consistent occurrence and it isn’t going to be.

Exactly. It would be great if the MAC were a 2-bid league, but it’s not. Toledo has an outside shot at an at-large, but it’s unlikely Ohio does. They’re currently #84 in the NET Rankings. No bad losses, but only one good win (Belmont). They’d pretty much have to run the table to the MACC. And if they did, I only see that helping their recruiting, not Miami’s.

Updated after 2.15.22 games: Miami is in 8th. Remaining scheduled noted as HOME/AWAY vs remaining opponents below

(1) Ohio: 13-2
(2) Toledo: 12-3 AWAY
(3) Kent: 11-4
(4) Buffalo: 8-4 HOME
(5) Akron: 9-5
(6) Ball State: 6-8 (1 game up on Miami)
(7) CMU: 5-7 (1 game up on Miami) HOME, AWAY
(8) MIAMI: 5-9

(9) BG: 5-10 (0.5 behind Miami)
(10) NIU: 4-9 (0.5 behind Miami) AWAY
(11) EMU: 4-10 (1.0 behind Miami) HOME
(12) WMU: 2-13

Should it continue? I’d be satisfied to wait until next season.

I think you meant to say away at Toledo. I believe we will beat CMU and EMU at home, and split NIU/CMU on the road. Can we get more than 3 wins? Is 8-12 enough for the top 8? Can’t believe I’m even having to ask these questions.


Also important to note that BSU holds the tie-breaker over us, so we have to finish ahead of them to be seeded above them. I certainly think we can jump CMU, though the 7 seed is not really any better than the 8 seed. I could also see us not even making the top 8.

In my mind, 3 teams are competing for 2 spots: Miami, Central, Eastern. BG is 5-12 with Western, OU, and Toledo left, likely leaving them at 6-14. NIU has a home and home with Buffalo (Thurs/Sat) before finishing at home with Kent and OU. They did win at Kent earlier in the year but Kent’s been on a tear, so I see them at 6-14 at best.

Central will only play 18 conference games. In addition to the 2 against us, they have Kent at home and Akron at the JAR. Eastern is at Ball St. and home against Western before coming to Oxford to end the regular season. If we sweep Central and lose the others, that would be enough to get in the top 8, even if Eastern wins out. We’d finish 8th. Obviously, if someone bucks the trend, then it gets more complicated.

I honestly think we’ll make the top 8, though it’s likely that only means one more game for our season.

Does it matter…

Kind of the point of my post…

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