MAC Championship Game Thread

Sounds like Gage is going to try to play this weekend in some capacity. Not sure how much of a difference it’ll make, but it can’t hurt.

To win, I think this game is going to have to look a lot like the 2019 championship game. Low scoring, tough defense, good special teams, offense making plays when presented. Muck it up for 3 quarters and find a way to win it in the 4th. Going to be tough to slow Toledo down, but the second half of the week 8 game gives you some hope.

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Can’t afford any drops (we all know who I’m talking about).

I would make Javon Tracy and Cade the two primary WR targets. The others are not reliable. Not including Gage. He is very reliable when healthy.

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Watch, he’ll end up getting the game-winning TD in Detroit.


Chuck is very “talky” but I found many of his comments to be very illuminating and thought he was very honest about our offensive woes at Ball State. (There were also some good questions posed as well). I also think he did a great job of outlining our team’s strengths.

I was pleased to see his acknowledgement that not only was our execution on offense was poor, but also we threw a bit too much and should have run more.

Again, my observation of the run game was that Aveon made a number of bad reads on options and for some reason Rashid kept running wide after it was apparent BSU pursuit was stuffing those plays. And, obviously, the option read play on 4th and 1 was disastrous. (not sure he mentioned that play…if so, I may have missed it).

All in all, I liked Chuck’s appraisal, and it was apparent that he knew what we needed to do against Toledo to be successful.

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I have said before I think Amos is most effective when he doesn’t run wide.

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I didn’t get the feeling Gage is going to be ready to go from Chuck’s tone. But who knows? He might be trying to throw Toledo a smoke screen.

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Aren’t all of his long TD runs to the outside? Not that he should always be running outside, but it seems like he’s most effective when defenses are guessing what he’s doing. Chuck always uses his RBs in predictable ways. Small backs outside. Big backs up the middle. Zero guessing. Amos is the first back that does both and it seems to be working.


I don’t think that pattern is a given. He was trying to run Mozee up the middle a few games ago. We haven’t even seen him on the field the last week or two.

Yeah Jive…many of Rashid’s longest runs have been where he bounces it outside and gets the edge. For some reason, running wide wasn’t working for us again at BSU, and that we may have wanted to run a couple plays straight at the defense.

Again, for all I know, Rashid went wide because he did t see a hole inside where he could run. It just seemed to me we ran a lot of slow developing end runs from deep in the backfield and they were not working.

I think most of Amos’ longest runs have been to the left. I think Ball shut that alley down pretty well.

Any reasonable way to get from DTW to Ford Field other than UBER or a taxi?

No. But it’s not a long ride or too expensive.

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Thanks. I’ll Uber.

CBS Inside College Football just showed a graphic that said if Iowa beats Michigsn they would be the first team since the 2010 Miami of Ohio team to win a conference title as at least a 17 point dog.

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Fwiw, there have been 8 MACC games in which one (not both) of the participants have been ranked. The ranked teams are 3-5 in those matchups.

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Apparently this video exists:

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Fun to watch again! I actually forgot how NIU got in position for a hail Mary at the end.

P.S. I have fond memories of watching this game with two buddies at an Irish pub in Naperville (where I lived then). The bar was filled with NIU fans, who were quite cocky about blowing us out. I got the last laugh! :blush:

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MACC uniform combo

Miami tribe helmet
White jersey
White pants

That combination worked the last time we played at Ford Field.


I like that combo