Lost Weekends

Is it me or have we just had way too many weekends in the last 7-10 years where both the women/men’s basketball teams lose and the hockey team gets smoked too? It’s beyond old. If this is the front porch, it’s dilapidated.


Is it a coincidence that we have the most cash strapped department in the conference through this?

Miami basketball struggles to get ten donors willing to give $1000 once. Buffalo only gives you “recognition” if you make a five year commitment of $1000/yr.

I’m less concerned about bad weekends right now. Hockey is actually playing better hockey even if the record isn’t there yet. Their recruiting has taken another step and we’re not replying on NAHL guys anymore.

I have all the confidence in Steele.

But if we want to have the best programs in the MAC long term, we can’t have the worst donors in the MAC. And right now we do. Steele has been saying he’ll meet with any donor interested. That’ll cost you $50k at Buffalo. It’s in the past that Bates didn’t capitalize on Miami’s success. But it’s time some folks wake up and realize it’s no longer athletics of the 90’s.

I feel ya. It would help if we had any sports fans in the administration, general or athletic. It’s such a buttoned down, tone deaf, non- nimble school when it comes to sports

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Clueless and lazy also come to mind.

Not that there aren’t a lot of things that can be done, but what are yours? I see a lot of name calling but few suggestions.

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Jive, given what happened to men’s tennis, I’ve always held a grudge toward MU athletics and even though I love MU sports, I vowed never to put a dime into it until it was restored. But you know, maybe that’s just petty of me. Your post really made me think and now, I have an idea. Let’s start a go-fund-me for men’s hoops via HawkTalk. Then, everyone who cares can make a donation of any amount and since it will be well over 1k, coach Steele can do a live webinar for us all. Which I think we’d all enjoy. If you set this up (and I say you not to make extra work but it’s more official coming from the person who runs this forum)I’ll be first in line to donate. I’m dead serious here and I think even with micro amounts others would join and we could raise a lot. Thoughts?


If I had the disposable income to give to Miami, I wouldn’t give a dime until I heard a plan/strategy to become a competitive MAC program. No way am I just tossing them money without the school doing their part

Love this idea! What would you want the webinar to be about?

@MUHawk0810 - they share the plans pretty freely if you just send an email or go to any of the development websites. Or ask Coach Steele what he wants to see. There’s stuff on his wish-list that’s inexpensive but makes a huge difference for gameday experience.


If you set this up, I’ll be your first donation. I guarantee we could raise some money here.

As for the Webinar, I would make the topic “how to turn around losing organizations” as I feel like this would be helpful to both MU sports and maybe beyond. A lot of people speak about organizational change but I find it fascinating every time as you always learn something new. Would also like to have free form questions in the chat that he can choose (or not choose) to answer.

@JiveHawk Since you seem to have access to Steele’s wish list, why not publish it here and maybe some of our posters will help with the requests.

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I’m in. Send details

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A couple bucks from each of us would add up fast. And it would be fun to chat with the coaches even virtually.

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I sent a DM to a staff member on Twitter and it sounds like there’s some interest in this!

@YellowNumber5 and I had a quick PM discussion here and I wanted to share some of what was discussed. For next steps:

  • I’m looking for a fundraising platform that is transparent (I want everyone to know what goes into the collection so I can show that the same amount went to the Basketball Excellence Fund) and charges minimal fees. Whatever fees get charged, I’ll cover.
  • Please be respectful to the staff. This is a pretty unique experience for a forum. If it goes well, maybe it can turn into a recurring thing? “The YellowNumber5/Miami Coaching Staff Annual Virtual Meeting”

Finally, if you do this and enjoy it, consider joining the Field of 68 if it’s within your means!


I have a feeling that with the number of successful people on this forum making even a small donation, we will do something great. Basketball is the sleeping giant at Miami and this could be a lot of fun.

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Replace Coach Steele’s appearance with a Miami player’s appearance and we have started an NIL collective

Details here: Thanks to YellowNumber5, HawkTalk has been invited to the next Field of 68 call!

@Grumpy if you want, you have an opportunity to ask Coach Steele yourself Feb 1!

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