The Lamar Cardinals are 1-0 after a win against NAIA Wiley College earlier this week. This year is one of many new beginnings for Lamar. They have moved from the Southland Conference to the WAC. And they have a new coach. Alum Alvin Brooks left his assistant job at Houston to take the job after Tic Price’s contract wasn’t renewed. Last year, Lamar went 10-18, their first losing season since 2016, but they did win 6 of their last 7, making a run to the conference tourney semifinals before losing to eventual champ Abilene Christian. They were atrocious offensively, finishing in the bottom 50 in Division 1 in offensive efficiency. They weren’t much better defensively, though they did finish in the top 100 in steals and blocks. However, their best defensive player, David Muoka, conference defensive player of the year, graduated.

Lamar’s backcourt is the strength of their team. Kasen Harrison is a slasher that finishes with his right but shoots from the perimeter with his left. Harrison didn’t take many 3s last year, but he shot 48% on the ones he did (15/31). In their victory over Wiley, Harrison had 8 assists and just 1 turnover. Davion Buster made 70 3s last year and shot 38%. Lamar added Jordyn Adams, an Austin Peay transfer who was 1st Team All-Ohio Valley Conference as a freshman 2 years ago before struggling to average double figures last year. He’s a big guard, 6’3" 200, who was a 3-star recruit.

Their frontcourt is young and inexperienced. A couple of JUCO guys were brought in to help right away. But it was one of their returnees, Corey Nickerson that started. Lamar’s frontcourt players only scored 13 of their 67 points in the win against Wiley. Lamar started 4 guards and 1 forward against Wiley. While they only allowed Wiley to shoot 32% from the floor and 5/22 from 3, they also only forced 7 turnovers. It seems that if we can run the good, crisp offense that we did against Georgia Tech, we should get some good looks. We only had 1 turnover in the 2nd half Tuesday night and that was in the first 1-2 minutes. At the other end, our guards will be under pressure defensively. If we’re seeing the scramble drill to try and get out on shooters, that may not be a good thing.

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Have to win to keep the momentum after Tuesday. The only way we lose is if we play down to these guys. I’m thinking we’ll be somewhere around 12-point favorites. Here’s hoping we have a decent student turnout. First home game of the season, hopefully word of the GT win has spread, and OSU football doesn’t start until 3:30, so maybe a decent crowd at least through most of the game.

I have this nagging fear in the back of my mind that we do something stupid, but I predict the experience of our team will be too much. 80-66 Miami


Well you can’t shoot that much worse than we did against GT, in context ofJack’s trey heavy O, and we still won.

So I hope we shoot a bit better…and have some spurts of inside game…that should lead to solid win.

We are in fact favored by 12. Let’s get this.

Will be eager to see our energy in the first 10 minutes. I’m hoping for a mature, business-like approach from this experienced group. Don’t let Lamar get open looks and easy baskets.

I expect Miami to shoot the ball much better too. Hoping they limit turnovers, share it, and knock down shots.

Quite excited for this one, don’t lay an egg!


PLEASE - - - DON’T lay an egg

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I am really sad for our boys that this is the turnout for the first home game, coming off a big win. There’s maybe 1,000 people here.

We’ve yet to have an attempt inside the arc. 5-7 from 3, and most of the looks have been good looks. Would like to see us start driving, as the treys won’t keep falling at this rate. 15-7 at the under 16.

Casual 5/7 from 3 to start the game. Haven’t attempted a 2 yet

Against Lamar on a college football Saturday. Was never gonna fill the house.

The real opener will be if we are sitting 6-0 against UC


Right on cue, Eli scores inside. Dae Dae another 3. Miami up 20-7, time out Lamar.

Offense has stagnated some, still up 9 at the under 12. Already 6 team fouls.

Find me someone who works harder than Ayah. You can’t do it.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen a scrum involving Precious Ayah where he isn’t the one to come out with the ball.

We’re shooting 60%. Up 37-22 at the U8.

We are sizzling from deep. Up 45-24, time out Cardinals.

Side note: no more than 3 consecutive replies in a thread? That’s gonna be a problem. Jive!

Good god. The team is trying to drop 100 on a D1 opponent.

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True…but he’s (Ayah) otherwise playing like an 18 year old and not a 24 year old on Offense.

I know he has limited game there…but come on…6th yr.

Great we are hitting…but don’t like that Dalonte has been reduced to spot trey shooter.

Hope they work on some other aspects with this cushion.


You wouldn’t know it from Skins’ post, but we’re up 26. All joking aside, live by the 3, die by it. It’s game 2. We will hopefully get more balanced as the season progresses.

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I think it’s pretty obvious we’re winning…

I just don’t want see a great player become a spot up guy…and forwards miss bunnies .

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