Katie Davidson

After sitting out 22-23 Katie will be playing at IUPUI.

why did she sit out this last season?

I would love to know that answer

Don’t know but she left the team just before the season and reportedly finished the academic year at Miami.

I believe we had two former players leave the team last year shortly before the season started. I wonder if they were ever interviewed by anyone in the Athletic Dept as to their reasons for leaving? I suspect there is much more to the story as to the state of Miami’s women’s BB over the last few years than has been disclosed. Again why was this program permitted to deteriorate over the last few years without any intervention?

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Maybe she sat out the season for personal reasons and it’s none of our business.

Whatever, it’s in the past now.

But I believe the point is regardless of the reason, another D1 school found it not to be a detriment to her joining their program. That leads us to ask what does IUPUI have over Miami? Whatever her reason or answer to that…I hope like stated above that the Miami Athletic administration did a proper exit interview when she stopped competing. That’s the point. Should also have exit interviews with staff changes…at least I know of some programs personally that have always done that.


I agree. Every transfer, retiree, portal entry should be interviewed in confidence with someone not a member of the coaching staff. Period. Their reasons never have to be made public.


AGREED - EXIT INTERVIEWS ARE SOP IN ANY WELL RUN ORGANIZATION WITH THE APPROPRIATE ASSURANCE OF CONFIDENTIALITY. What was especially concerning about two members of the team leaving last year was the timing- right before the start of the season I believe or at a point where a coach would have great difficulty in replacing them. The bottom line is that the Miami women’s BB program has had problems for at least two years if not longer and it appears nothing was done to correct the problems. ( total support to Coach Box in rebuilding what should in years to come be a strong program).I see similar problems in hockey - eight players left the team via the portal after the season on top of extremely disappointing records the last few years and a number of blow out losses. AD Saylor has done a good job raising money but it appears we need much more oversight of and accountability from our coaching staffs.


It’s really strange you’re making a claim they weren’t done… The AD does exit interviews with every staff member and player that leaves, @skin66 & @CalOHawk.

You sound very certain of that. If you knew positively that exit interviews are 100 % given, you should have chimed in earlier. I, for one, am not certain, thus saying it should be done every time. This of course leads to a bigger problem. If the interviews were given, why was the coach not fired earlier? Did the players not tell the truth, etc. Giving the interview is done for a purpose. Team mates know what is going on within the team.

Because who knows what her reason for leaving the team was? You’re making more assumptions. Exit interviews are always given. She gave her own reasons. That’s ok.

When I was in high school, there was a very similar situation that happened on one of my teams. A total of 3 players in the program knew before it came out, and this was soccer where there were over 30 players who had the ability to find out. These things are rarely open secrets. They come out because someone’s feelings get hurt and they go public or one of the two make a really stupid, public mistake.

And I didn’t chime in earlier because I don’t know Katie’s story or why she decided to take a year off and it’s not my business so I really didn’t read the thread. Maybe she was hurt. Maybe she was burnt out from basketball. Maybe someone from her family was sick and she wanted to take the time to be with them. Who knows? But @MotherMiami doesn’t know and wants to make it look like they left for a reason that fits their narrative.

Let me flip this to the men’s side. Want to guess why Marr Avance stopped playing basketball? Was it Steele? Was it Sayler? No, he had a kid and that became his focus. Life happens for some people.

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No, you are making assumptions. You assume I said or meant exit interviews were not given. I believe I said they should be given and was not certain if they were. You assume I was talking about one player when I certainly am talking about all players. You assume I was only talking about player/coach relationships when I am mostly talking about firing the coach for lack of preparation and meaningful practice sessions that should have come out if exit interviews were actually done. If you are positive they were, fine. I am not so certain. This horse is dead. Coach should never have been hired. Stop making assumptions.

Uh, you’re the one assuming that if exit interviews were conducted, that those interviews most certainly would have led to Hendrix being fired earlier. Talk about a major assumption.

You have no idea what is said in an exit interview, how much is disclosed, whether or not the interviewee is completely honest and transparent.

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I’ll add one more thing. Plenty of great coaches have players who don’t like them and don’t want to play for them. We’re all individuals who have our own preferences on teaching, communication and motivational styles. An exiting player criticizing a coach in an exit interview doesn’t make that coach a bad coach and doesn’t warrant termination. I’m sure there were plenty of players who didn’t like Charlie Coles over the years. This idea that Hendrix would have been fired had exit interviews been conducted is filled with so many assumptions.


Yep, I did say that I was not certain of the honesty of the person being interviewed. I did assume if they were honest their statements would be investigated. This is where my assumption is up for criticism. I stand by the rest.

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There are several possible reasons why Katie dropped off the team. At the time my best guess would have been that she had lost playing time She was a starter as a freshman and averaged in double digits. She lost some playing time as a sophomore. Then as a junior Cluse was moved to guard and she was looking at losing even more playing time, playing behind Scott, Cluse, and Wolf.


Dick the timing of her leaving caught my attention - who else left the team about the same time? In both instances the departures came very late and I believe without enough time to replace them. As far as playing time the team was so thin on the bench that it is hard to believe they would not gotten a lot of minutes. Maybe these departures were for good reason and had nothing to do with the coaching staff- who knows. The intent of my earlier posts on this subject was to point out the many issues over the last two years plus with the Miami women’s BB program and ask the question why nothing was done.


I was not making a claim they weren’t done…I’m making a statement that there should be an exit interview. But since you took it the way you did, I’m going to assume you have a personal connection with the Athletic department. So let me be clear here…the exit interviews obviously did not work. When that happens, it is either one of a couple reasons…1) didn’t ask the right questions, 2) didn’t set the correct tone of the importance of the interviews, because 3) the exiting employee or the exiting student athlete didn’t feel their answers were going to make a difference and that leads to the last reason…4) trust. Its all about trust. Trust that what I say will not impact my next opportunity of employment, trust that it all will get back to the Coach, trust that the administration will make the student athlete experience at Miami better because of what is shared in those “anonymous” interviews. FYI, there are those departments that give the job of exit interviews to a “low in the food chain” administrator who the exiting employee already knows going in that the interviewer does not have much pull in the department. I state this because I have lived it and our A.D. was very humbled when he later met with an entire current team that shared they knew previous teammates tried to share the reality of playing there. The exit interviews changed the very next academic year. This specific Miami team status showed clear warnings that “interviews” needed to be completed immediately after the last loss. Hopefully lessons were learned.

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And there was. And you’re making an assumption she left for reasons that fit your narrative. And that this should’ve come up. Again, as someone who played on a team where something like this happened, pretty much nobody knew.

Nope. And it’s irresponsible for you, as someone who does have connections, to go back and forth with what you know to be fact and what you’re guessing, and presenting them the same. You have a lot of passion for the program you represented. That position puts you in a unique position. But with that comes a need to be able to sort through the emotions and get to the logic of what is actually going on and what would advance the program. Instead of trying to solve issues that are solved, what is actually missing? Because it doesn’t appear she had any knowledge. So how does Miami WBB get back to the top? Box is a great start. Where is the funding compared to other MAC programs? What are other programs doing Miami isn’t? What are things that put Miami in a unique position to succeed (the cradle wasn’t built exclusively by Miami grads)? Everyone here wants to see the team succeed. Don’t get that twisted.