Ivy Wolf and Peyton Scott

Selected for third team all MAC.


I see that Ivy is in the portal per twitter


This really sucks but I can’t blame her. At Miami, with the current staff, she sees only more losing.

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IMHO, It was an either/or re: Ivy Wolf—either the coach goes or the player goes.

I am not understanding your point.

Hendrix recruited Ivy, If she decided she did not like Hendrix I would think she would have left last year.

A new coach would have probably increased the chances she would have left anyway.

I am guessing that Ivy just doesn’t want to spend another year in a losing program and is looking to join a winner.

She might be looking at the experience of Molly Davis who was 2nd All-MAC at CMU and transferred to Iowa. She got about 16 minutes per game with the Hawkeyes.

Sayler clearly did not have the money to buyout Hendrix.

All he did was delay the inevitable which is even more certain now that Wolf is gone.

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But sayler gave owens an contract extension the end of 2020 then fire Owen’s a year later he needs to grow an pear of bals and fire her

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I am just going to be blunt. This women’s team is a dumpster fire. If I were Peyton Scott I would look to go elsewhere just like Ivy.

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Whoever is in charge, AD, President, or B of T. You totally and completely blew it.

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Dick: Slight correction/ observation to your post: You are totally and completely and continuing to blow it.

Miami athletics has sunk to irrelevancy, especially in those sports which count on fan support for money. As the fans flee over time, so too does the money go with them. .

Is the AD on the hook for this one?

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Wow, I’m just going to say wow and completely disagree with you.

Double wow

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I’m going to assume this is sarcasm.

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Oh, I hope so.

I don’t know. David Saylor twice fired coaches who were better than this one with one year left on their contract. I am guessing that his hands were tied, but I do not know that.

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awwwwwww man what’d the post say


One thing you can count with the board, no matter what the topic it will eventually end up with fire the coach, fire the AD, Millet needs renovated, hockey needs to change conferences or the overall Miami athletics suck thread-jack. :grinning:


Redskin89 - It’s what happens when every one of your major sports has been in the tank for ten years and you have a bunch of nostalgic alums on the board who remember far better times for Miami University athletics. The most frequent comments I get from people these days when I wear Miami gear are “are you from Florida?” or “didn’t Ben Roethlisberger go there?” Since Ben has retired it won’t be long until the Florida questions are the only comments I hear. Our athletics programs area simply unremarkable.

They deleted their post for a reason. Maybe they had second thoughts? Why bring it back?