Iowa Handles LSU - Clark Is Unstoppable!

Great game. Two great teams. Clark is…Unbelievable! Reese is fantastic.

And that routine of leaving the floor, which typically results in missing the playing of the United States National Anthem… Be better LSU. Change the routine. It’s not difficult.

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Can’t stand those woke liberals like Kim Mulkey.

You nailed it!

Doesn’t matter which way she leans. Left. Right. Middle. Just stay out there for the NA.


Wow. Pleasantly surprised they broke the record. When they said last year’s mark was 9.9 million for the title game, I thought they might not break it simply because 1) last year it was the national championship game and 2) I believe last year was on ABC rather than ESPN. Granted, network TV doesn’t hold the same sway as in years (and decades) past but that could still impact the potential viewership cap

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Why? Why is it so important that the team alters their routine to stand there for one of our nation’s childish patriot rituals.

Then leave…


This thread is definitely going to stay on topic and avoid getting political /s


“Women’s college basketball isn’t short on talent these days, but Clark is hypnotizing to watch, averaging 32 points and nine assists per game.”

Tomorrow Night vs. #3 UCONN.

UCONN is a #3 seed. Iowa is the #1 seed.

I know nothing about women’s hoops like you, dick, skins 66 Mother MU and so many others here but my sense is this could be one of the best hoops games ever played technically speaking. Very cool.

Thanks. Corrected! Iowa is slightly favored so I assumed they were the #1 seed.

Edited comment above. It happens!

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I have a feeling UConn wins this game. I don’t know if they can beat South Carolina… but it would be an extremely Geno-ish thing to do to spoil the national Caitlin Clark party.

South Carolina is the team to beat, but I don’t see them being as big a favorite as UConn men, who just seem 15 points better than everybody else. My group of guys that I go to NCAA games with every year attended the Women’s Final Four a few years ago when it was in Columbus and had a great time. Areke hit buzzer beaters in both games and Notre Dame won. A year ago we tried to get tickets this year since it was in Cleveland but we got completely shut out. They sold out in like an hour. The Clark effect I guess.

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South Carolina only beat four-seed Indiana by four points in the Sweet 16 round, they’re not invincible by any means.

Cheapest Women’s tournament ticket yesterday morning on Stubhub was $734. Crazy!

Its all going to be the storyline of who stays out of foul trouble so I hope the refs do not call any ticky tack fouls!


Illegal screen. Offensive rebound. Over.

What a Final it may be.


I have been following Iowa for the last 3 years. It still looks to me that South Carolina should be a solid favorite. They have the best big girl in the country and then 8 or 9 other really good players. Matchups work against Iowa. I am rooting for them though, would love to see Clark get a championship.

The Iowa-UConn game was the highest rated basketball broadcast in ESPN history, beating out game 7 of the 2018 NBA Eastern Conference Finals.


By contrast, some of the lowest rated broadcast from ESPN was when they ran exercise classes. People forget this, but before they had 24/7 content they had huge gaps they had to fill. At legit times! It was always like 3 people in spandex working out at the beach. Amazing.