Indiana game thread

Beats X 81-79. Game back and forth, IU built up 6 pt lead late but missed some key free throws and X came back.

IU has a lot of size, not sure how we neutralize their inside game. Hoping for dengue fever outbreak.


I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much for a mosquito-borne illness to occur right now given the cold snap we’re experiencing. Maybe hope for a different sort of calamity?


Catch scratch fever? No? Too dated? I’ll shut up but I still kinda like the song.


Hope for an IU team outbreak of Flu/RSV/Covid. The triple whammy most hospitals are dealing with now.

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Can we just settle for getting blown out with no more injuries?


You guys and your biological agents are freaking brutal. How about we just hope for a good ol’ fashion late November snow storm with icy conditions?

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True: 4 of our guys got stomach bug (highly likely food poisoning). I can’t make this up. Unreal. All will play.

Jordan had that epic flu game. Maybe something strange happens and they play well? Or maybe they are so tired coach calls for some stallball and the end store is like 38-24.

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Probably from eating at the Pacers game.

Seriously, what is the over/under of our getting over 60 points?

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Would depend on the players who are sick, no?

Indiana getting over 60 in the first half, I’d say 50%

As Steele correctly pointed out in his press conference this week, it isn’t whether we win or lose, but how we play. How we face adversity. That should be the measure of this team right now.


No matter what- this is invaluable experience for the young guys.

Great exposure for the program.

The committed players and recruits.

Attending a a pregame party downtown with 200+ attendees.


Please relay my stall ball concept if you by chance get the ear of the coach.


Will do.

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This game is on the Big Ten Network at 5:30. Miami is 1-3, IU is 3-0. They won home games over Morehead Stat by 35 and Bethune Cookman by 52 and won at Xavier by 2. They are lead by preseason All American 6-9 Jr Trace Jackson-Davis who averages 22 points and 6 rebounds. They also have another inside force in 6-9 Freshman Malik Reneau at 12 points and 5 rebounds. 6-3 RS SR Xavier Johnson averages 11 points and 4 rebounds.

Of interest, this is the 50th year that Don Fischer has been broadcasting Hoosier games on their radio network.


So it kind of looks like we’re essentially playing the role of Goshen on Indiana’s schedule at this stage. We are 28 point dogs.

Might be more fun to play them in two years. Keep progressing. Learn from adversity. Get healthy!

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I could easily see us losing by 40. No biggie. My expectations have already been met by a better coach, schedule and team for year one. However, given it’s a big venue I could also envision a strange scenario whereby Lairy plays out of his gourd and some of our sharp shooters actually land shots. Even if only for a spurt or a half. Sometimes big venues and good teams raise up a lesser team’s play.