Ice Hockey Feb 11+12 vs Omaha,7 PM then 7:05 PM,respectively. Pack the Goggin!

Give the RedHawks some support! Have some fun.Blow off some steam. Go Uptown pre game. It’s still an excellent fan experience.
Bergeron will get it done, In the mean time enjoy as you can.

Hoops hosts BG on the 12th. If you really hate yourself, go to all three.

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I am (at least the two on Saturday but won’t get to town early enough to watch the women). SMDH.


Omaha is the teams lone conference win. hoping for a home sweep.

Let’s not get greedy now.

Both nights SRO! Good job fans.

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Friday night is the first time all year ( unless I forgot a game) that our RedHawks are on national TV! CBSSN at 7:00. It is also triple header day on Saturday and I am in for all 3. What are the odds of a Miami sweep??? What are the odds of Miami losing all 3? I can convince myself that we do have a legitimate shot in each game individually. We own a victory over Omaha. BG basketball usually loses in Oxford and Dalonte might play at least some minutes. CMU women, after 4 years in a row winning either the regular season or the tournament championship, are fighting stay out of last place. So there is at least a reason to be hopeful in each of the games.

Faculty and staff could request 4 free tickets.

Hope the great crowds helps Miami to a win , maybe 2?

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Win and Miami are two words I hope to see in the same sentence more often in the future.

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My eyes aren’t that great, but SRO? Are they standing because they don’t like to sit?


Giving tickets away might not guarantee they will be used. Also, Friday night crowds are often late arriving, many coming from Cincy/Dayton after work and we started a half hour early.

And the empty seats aren’t just here and there…they are full rows and large parts of sections. Obviously, the announcers, who also mentioned SRO, don’t know the Miami fan base very well.

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I just tried to check the score on the ESPN but good luck finding it. So I went on a college Ho key site and noticed it’s 3-3. Also, they put team national rankings next to each team. How cool is that! Not per se for us this year, but I like it as a general feature.

We are up 5-4 with 2:06 to go.

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And we win 5-4, just holding on as UNO controlled the puck almost the entire last 2 minutes.


Miami hockey in games I’ve watched this season: 1-0-0

Miami hockey in games I didn’t watch this season: 4-20-2

Seems like the most cost effective way to improve the program is for David Sayler to buy me an NCHC subscription.


That last two minutes was a little too nerve wracking seeing as how we have a real knack of trying to lose games that should be in the bag. Or, you know, not just trying but actually losing them… :smirk:


We almost gave it away but was nice to see a win. As for the SRO it was about 50% capacity

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A win on national TV in our palace was a real bonus!