House Settlement

It appears that only the NCAA and the P4 Conferences are defendants in this lawsuit. If so, will the potential settlement have any impact on the G5?

Any change in the current in FBS scholarship limit of 85 would have profound impacts on G5 schools. If P5 schools begin offering more it would dilute the quality of athletes available.

If a number of the P5 schools offer fewer it would instantly improve the competitive balance even if most G5 schools followed suit and offered fewer scholarships themselves.

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Agree - although there are several already offering kids not on scholly money via NIL (I also know of at least 1 G5 doing this) to essentially have more than 85 scholly lvl players. The roster limit of 110 is the only real restriction now. Many SEC & a few ACC schs have all 40 baseball players going to sch free via NIL (vs the 11.7 scholly limit). New day

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