Hockey this weekend

How about some good crowds this weekend vs Denver?


Rally the boys to at least a split!

Split would be great .As would any win or tie the remainder of the season.


We’ll be there both nights!

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I’m begrudgingly coming Friday with the family. The last game I went to was hard to watch. Here’s hoping for better

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3-2 Miami after the first. We actually managed to score 2 goals on the 2 man advantage instead of giving one up shorthanded like we did last week. :smirk:


Looks like a little pride in the red sweater is showing tonight after last weekend’s inexcusable embarrassment at St Cloud. That’s a positive.


4-2 less than 30 seconds into the third period!

Go us.

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Denver scores to make it 3-4 with about 3 minutes left

And Denver scores again to tie it with 12 seconds left

And that’s the season in a nutshell…4-4


And Denver wins it in OT :man_facepalming:


Good Lord!

And that probably pops the balloon for the weekend. I expect a rather listless 6-1 loss tomorrow.

How they gave that up is beyond me…

Former RedHawk Brian Hawkins scored a goal for CC in their upset of Omaha last night. He’s their Captain.

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