Hockey Coaching Search

If I were Sayler I would be targeting a top assistant from the Big Ten or NCHC.
Someone who knows the recruiting level needed to win in the NCHC.

So just from a visit to each schools athletics page I put together a list of potential targets. For some of them the salary paid to Berg would be less than $100k more than what they are currently paid.

Wisconsin Associate Head Coach
Todd Knott

1st year at Wisconsin, spent 11 seasons at Minnesota State before following Hastings to Wisconsin, #1 college recruiter according to an Athletic poll, head coach experience in the USHL.

Michigan State Associate Head Coach
Jaren DeMichiel

2nd season with MSU, UMass assistant during their peak years, coaching stops and Nazarine and St. Lawrence

Michigan Associate Head Coach
Rob Rassey

2nd season at Michigan, NHL scouting experience, head coach in the USHL, asssitant at Harvard for their Frozen Four run. Interestingly Michigan lists Sioux Falls on his resume but he never actually coached there taking the Michigan job less than a month after being announced. Former Miami assistant Eric Rud got that job.

Denver Assistant Coach
Tavis MacMillan

9th season with Denver, former NHL scout, assistant and head coach for Alaska-Fairbanks.

Western Michigan Associate Head Coach
Jason Hertner

First year at WMU. Assistant at Duluth during their peak years.

St Cloud Associate Head Coach
Dave Shyiak

4th season at St Cloud after 6 at WMU. Head Coach at Alaska-Anchorage for 8 seasons.

Omaha Associate Head Coach
Dave Noel-Bernier

7 seasons at Omaha, NHL and AHL assistant jobs.

Penn State Associate Head Coach
Keith Fisher
PSU has two associate head coach positions, Fisher is the most tenured.

12 seasons at PSU, 6 at Princeton

Notre Dame Associate Head Coach
Brock Sheahan
ND has three associate head coaches! Sheahan is the most junior, the other two are 15+ year assistants for Jackson.

First season at ND but played there under Jackson. 4 seasons at Holy Cross 1 season as AHL head coach (Chicago) and 5 seasons as USHL head coach


I really like Jared Demichiel. MSU is having an incredible year, he brought in the #3 ranked recruiting class in the nation this year and they had an absolutely wicked crew of transfers come in.

When he got to UMass they were 5-29-2 and they made a Frozen Four appearance in 3 years and won the whole thing in 5.

He also helped bring St Lawrence to become a 20 win team while he was there.

There are some big Twitter accounts endorsing him as the top option

He also loves Superman and has a Superman tattoo😂 maybe he can be our Clark Kent

If he is not too pissed at Miami for the Rico fiasco, I would hire Peter Mannino - the Associate Head Coach of Colorado College.

A dark-horse candidate would be Nate Leaman - the head coach at Providence. He grew up in Dayton watching the Dayton Gems. When he brought his Providence team to the Goggin, he said that it felt like homecoming.

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I wouldn’t even be mad if we got Mannino personally he’s been at 4 different NCHC schools so he knows the landscape. Also a great recruiter who brought in Kaidan Mbereko, Noah Laba, and Zaccharya wisdom.

Ive seen Joe Dumais (Quinnipiac) and Byron Pool (Northern Michigan)s names thrown out on Twitter.


What about someone from Penn State? 1. PA > OH, and 2. They seem to have shot out of a cannon since becoming a program

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Leaman reportedly makes $800k a year at Providence. He’s not going anywhere.


Anyone tracking the Miami airport?

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Miami’s track record on coaches from ND seems to be pretty good.

Chicago, IL
St Louis, MO
Johnstown, PA
Stigler, OK

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Anyone from J-town is legit….

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I’d rather have someone who is/was a D-1 head coach than an assistant. Being a great recruiter is a lot different than handling the Xs and Os of head coaching.

How about the OSU women’s coach. I’m sure that she’d like to recruit to a great facility and not a piece of crap ice rink.

Yes, this is tongue in cheek and that being a great women’s coach wouldn’t translate into being a great NCHC coach.

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Here’s an insane idea. Bring uncle Rico back. Get over whatever burned bridges etc there are. He loves this place.

Tomatoes coming in three…two…

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Who do you want?

Apparently Babcock is available. :grin:

I like the first sentence of the post.

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Well having studied some game theory (enough to be dangerous, enough to be stupid) I would argue it’s a more sensible choice than some of the options being bandied around. It will never happen, but someone had to be silly enough to surface it.

Did this coach come from the USNDT program( Ann Arbor,Mich)MSU’s head coach did,correct? And had
a mother lode of high end players in Michigan State’s back yard! Not too far from Oxford,Oh.Jaren DeMi chiel.?

He didn’t come from the USNTDP like Adam nightingale (MSU head coach) did but he has worked as a coach for the USA hockey national select festival.

Id still like to know why the plane landed in Johnstown…

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