Great season nonetheless! 11-3, MAC Championship, beat UC and Ohio. Bring on the CFB next year!! Love the grit and heart of this team! LOVE AND HONOR!


Very true Blues


I had a dream we won with Henry as the QB. 99% of the time that happens it comes true. At least for me it seems to because it doesn’t happen that much. I am at a loss.

Ps, proud of the team and the potential for next year. Maybe it’s in the cards for us to win a bigger bowl game since we just came up short the last 2 years.


Can anyone think of a tougher situation for Henry to get his first start? Two weeks notice, bowl game on ABC and in a torrential extratropical rain

He didn’t win it for us but he didn’t lose it either.


Proud is the word I’ve used most in the last 7 hours to describe this team/season. After UMass, our defense gave us a representative, if not all-nation, performance every. single. week. Many great teams and great defenses don’t often do that. It takes a pretty special football team to play and win like we did.

With Brett, we were a team that had a pretty solid offense to go along with that defense and we won games accordingly. After Brett went down and we lost Gage for long stretches, we had to play sloppy, messy, ugly, football games. After dropping 30 on OU, we didn’t crack 24 points the rest of the season. That’s not a reciple for winning in college football circa 2023. But we won all the same and kept winning up until the Bowl. Do the AV-led teams beat UC? Probably not. But, remaining the best team in the MAC without our all-conference qb was a testament to one hell of a well-rounded team.

Winning equals fun and, by that definition, this was the most fun we’ve had as a program since 2003 – before I had ever stepped foot on campus (as a student, at least). It was the first time we both beat UC and won the MAC since that season, too. 20 freaking years.

There is so much to be optimistic about for next season. The expectations are almost unfair. But, at least one school out of the G5 is going to the CFP and it might as well be us. The number of return announcements, and the lack of portal activity from our active roster, is proof that Chuck has sold the team on the same expectations. That should be, and I’m sure will be, our sales pitch working the portal as well. The opener at Northwestern already feels like the biggest OOC game we’ve played in decades, and it probably is when you consider the expectations the team and the fan base are being sold.

258 days. Let the countdown begin.


Couldn’t agree more! We get Ohio, Cincinnati and Ball State at home next season, too.


Agree with all of this, with one slight change:

Most fun we’ve had as a program… yet

Let’s go 2024


With the new MAC scheduling format, I wouldn’t count on trying to figure out what MAC opponents will be home or away.

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If that’s true, I imagine they would send Ohio to Oxford and perhaps send us back to Muncie and then rotate the pod annually.

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As we live in the Cleveland area, me and a few Miami friends always catch the game at Kent or Akron.
It should be Akron’s turn next year.
But, if the scheduling changes, I assume Miami will still visit one of the two.
Still, definitely thinking of going to Oxford for a game.
And, seriously considering a trip to South Bend!!


Well said

Was at the game yesterday. AP St. won by having a good and seasoned QB.

That is NOT an insult to Miami QB play.

Awful conditions to have a 1st start.

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This would be my guess:

Home: OU, Ball St., Kent, NIU
Away: Toledo, BG, Akron, Buffalo

My assumption is that we wouldn’t just have Toledo at home in the regular season after not playing them at all for so long, there would be a return game, therefore having us play in that pod.

It would make the most sense to me to always have one home and one away “pod” game, so I doubt we play both OU and Ball St at home.

I don’t think any details on the cross pod scheduling has been released yet. It could be that you don’t play an entire pod (probably easier for scheduling), or you could miss one team from each pod (probably better for tiebreaking scenarios).

My guess is we do not play Akron, Kent or Buffalo next year-home and away, who knows. The MAC is trying to reset the entire schedule so I don’t think they will consider last years schedule with regards to locations.


That would have us still playing everyone in the old MAC East. I don’t think they’ll do that.

Oops, misread another post

The kicks keep on coming.


And that’s our backup!!!

Do we know what the punting situation is next year? Is Dom still gonna be out? Will he be back?


Quite possibly. My additional thinking behind this would be we’d move on from the Kent/Akron/Buffalo pod because we would have played them home and away in consecutive years. So in 2025 we’d play the Michigan pod and finish the home and away with Toledo/BG/NIU (more so NIU). Then in 2026, we’d be in the 2nd year with the Michigan pod and in the 1st year with the Kent/Akron/Buffalo pod.