Great Job Coaches

I did not intend to respond directly to Bluesman. I’m still trying to figure this site out as a user as opposed to an observer. However, the point remains.

Our game plan looked vastly different vs Miami FL (just poorly executed) than vs UMASS. Our game planning looked different with talents such as Sorenson than it did with Jalen Walker as our best WR.

You think you know what your are talking about because you watch the NFL on Sundays! The coaches know what they are doing and they sure as hell put in more time and effort than you do at game planning! It’s what puts food on the table for them!

Beat UC!

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The coaches and players did a great job handling the uncertainty around the logisitics, especially on the road.

If we can get our best receiver open as much as he was on Saturday, throw him the ball. It would be the same as if Steele & Co. could get Safford in a position where he could score 40. Get him the ball.

I was pleasantly surprised we were trying to throw screen passes to running backs. More of that please, just with better execution.

The secondary is my greatest concern at this point. Hopefully we see some improvement there.


So, every paid coach of every team in every sport at every level must know what they’re doing and must be good at game planning, because that’s how they make a living.

What an insightful take.

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Please reread what I said because you minced my words.

Coaches spend a lot more time game planning than the “experts” on this board who have such a problem with our Playcalling after a game we put up 446 yards and 41 points!

Thought we’d have some positivity on this board but alas… the coach potato coaches find ways to criticize after a tough situation on the road.

This will be my last post. Some of you are exhausting.

Beat UC!! Looking forward to another winning season. Hopefully we can turn the corner and get to 8-9 wins and another MAC championship:


UMass’ Don Brown’s post game presser is interesting. Brown said they were extremely worried about Gage and he considers him Miami’s best offensive player.

Brown also pointed out the UMass had opened the season at El Paso and at Auburn, but said Saturday’s long weather-delay game was more stressful. He held it immediately after the game ended so it’s not a rebuttal to anything CM said about travel in his presser today.

It sure appears CM is an avoid travel at all cost kind of guy. He constantly stresses the burden of having to travel long distances, although almost all of our games are in the Midwest. Our only cross time zone travel is basically to Northern Illinois. But Chuck considers playing at UC an away game, less than a hour from our campus. So we have to put that in perspective.

Ohio opened its season at San Diego State and went to Boca Raton to play FAU last week. Now that’s real travel!

I was the Tecmo Bowl champion of Dennison Hall. It was often difficult to distinguish two players on my team and the endless glitches were very distracting. I feel my experience gave me a leg up on modern day coaches.


I lived in Dennison my freshman year. Then the last three years in my fraternity house. They loved hearing about my football coaching expertise!


New Rule: unless you have played the game you cannot comment on any Miami athletics.


i mean… he’s not wrong. Change up the gameplan after 41 points and 400 yards? some of you will never be satisfied until we go undefeated and madden numbers are put up

Miami’s CB coverage is soft and has been for a long time. I believe the CBs are told to keep everything in front of them…and make sure not to get beat deep. It also bothers me when I see a Miami CB chasing a receiver downfield and rarely turning to defend the ball…leads to PI calls all too often.


I’m soft. I went to the pool yesterday and looked hideous.

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My satisfaction level is far different. It has to do with not being ranked #101 in the CBS 133 Poll AFTER a road win against an FBS G5 team and a loss to now nationally ranked Miami of Florida. I’ll be happy when we’re not ranked as the #35 team among our G5 peers. I’ll be happy when we are again respected enough to consistently rank in the top quarter of G5 teams, not near the top of the bottom half.

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Nippert at night, definitely an away game.

Michigan/Michigan St., less than an hour bus ride either way, definitely an away game.

Duke/UNC, less than 10 miles apart, away game for sure.

Less distance, but a tougher atmosphere to go up against in those close bus rides.

That poll means nothing.

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“You minced my words”

Sounds painful.

Perception is everything!

CBS poll? G5 peers? Lololol. Those are WORTHLESS… but to save you the trouble…

You are NEVER going to be happy comparing us to AAC or Mountain West schools.

I bet we are top quarter of MAC schools, the only schools we should be comparing ourselves to anymore in this landscape.

I’d also bet there is only 1 MAC school in the top quarter by the time the season is over.

And to me that sucks and is totally unacceptable.

Unacceptable? Anything short of raising millions upon millions of dollars for the program and University and idenftifying big donors who would like to start NIL fund for our football players will not change our status here.

The MAC is the bottom feeder of FBS football. We are the rats who have stuck around and survived the apocalypse. Time to embrace it

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By my count at least four of us lived in Dennison.