Great Job Coaches

3:30 start time turned into 4:45, turned into 9:45

We came out of the delay with two TDs in two plays from scrimmage. Outstanding job by our coaching staff getting our kids ready to play. If it wasn’t for a couple of dropped passes/fluky INTs/Brett’s fumble, this was a true blowout.

UMASS ran all over Auburn last week. We did a nice job vs the run. They have two very good QBs in that program right now.

Looking forward to seeing us compete next week


Well said. It’s nice to see some
positive attitude around here!!

I agree. A delay like that can be very difficult to overcome. Then add in it’s a road game and it’s all the more difficult. Excellent job. UMASS is not a bad team either. Now it’s……On to Cincinnati.


That was the best we started off a game in a long time! I consider the re-start after the long delay, the start of a game. We need to come out like that every game, no excuses, and sustain that throughout the game!

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well it wasn’t the start of the game because in no regular game would a team have warmed up twice, sat in a locker room for 4+ hours and then gone and warmed up again.

It’s not easy to break Gameday routine like that, and whatever the staff did, they outexecuted the UMASS staff in keeping the kids fresh and engaged.

Truly excellent job by the staff.


First post*

Finally some positivity on this board!!! I’m so sick of seeing the usual suspects on this board who continue to harp on the negative, even when we have a great result like last night. Some of you never played football, and it shows!!

Go RedHawks! Beat UC!!!


Several observations:

1 Coaches did a very good job of keeping our guys ready to play in a difficult situation on the road. It was obvious UMass had access to more comfort and a more familiar environment when the delayed coming out to start the second half until two minutes before kickoff.

  1. The UMass game plan seemed to involve playing chippy, taking cheap shots, chirping and trying to bait our guys into stupid retaliations. We kept our composure and they looked a little silly.

  2. I’m glad we didn’t have to face their big, highly mobile starting QB, Taisun Phommachan. But their back-up guy is pretty darned good and he gave us a good test.

  3. TE room looking quite unhealthy. Coldiron already done, Bolden looked like he took a nasty hit on a KO return and left the game before halftime and I didn’t see Nate last night. That’s concerning.

  4. Looking in the rear view mirror, the Hurricanes hung 48 on Texas A&M in a 15 point win yesterday.

  5. Finally: Beat the stinkin’ Bearcats!

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It was mentioned on the radio that UMASS had air conditioning in their locker room and we did not. If so, just one more thing (albeit minor) to overcome after a long delay. Glad to see us put up points


There was no AC in the Miami locker room, so the coaches had them fire up the buses so the players could sit in the AC if they wanted.


Had visions of 2005 BG/Miami game where Miami came out flat and trailed 29-0 at halftime after a long delay. Credit to the coaching staff for keeping the team focused and not letting that happen!


I was in the marching band for that game…woof…

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Agree great job of the team and coaches dealing with the delays. Great performance by Bret and Gage. U Mass not that bad but they were down to their ineffective 3d team QB in the 4th Q when they needed their passing game. Third down conversion still a problem ( the classic CM fade route again used with no success ). Still no use of TE’s and backs out of the back field for an effective short passing game and lack of short out, come back , crossing and other short routes- CM just does not have the patience or understanding of how a short possession oriented passing game can work to complement long down field plays. On D we still play way too far off the other teams wide outs - at least play press D on occasion- U Mass took advantage of this weakness as has every team we have played. This D approach gives up way too much yardage and possession time. Finally our safety has to step up - way too soft and late on plays. BEAT UC !


Agree great job. Watched UC beat Pitt.

BIG OL and DL and fast all over.]

I agree we need a short passing game and don’t always rely on the big play.

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The understanding or patience?

How about when Sorenson was here? How about how we utilized Larvadain in week 1 vs Miami FL?

It’s so funny how clueless some of you are! Take your couch potato coach model elsewhere! It’s clear you’ve never played the game!

Beat UC!!!

Did you intend to respond to Bluesman? Or did I miss something.


That is correct. I stopped playing football after high school. Played through high school however. Thanks for the insults. Peace be upon you.

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Red Hawk- you miss the point -we need a more diversity in our game planning - Gage was well used Sat- no doubt. But the point we can do better - what are your responses on the D staregy?

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