Golf Anyone? MHT Golf Partner Finder

Golf anyone? Looking for a partner (golf, that is) to play a round with? Let’s do it!

Why can’t we have a thread that matches you up with a golfer in your area…When you are looking to play on short notice?

Here’s my story:

I have been a lifelong tennis player (competitively in USTA, tournaments, etc…). I drastically cut back playing about seven years ago. Then I retired in January. Well…90% retired. I still manage the websites.

I started playing golf last year. I sucked. But I’m getting better. I started with an 87 last July (9 holes in Deep Creek, MD), and lowered my score to 65 by the end of the summer (Yankee Trace in Centerville).

Last week I had a 51 and 57 at Community Golf Course (Kettering), which was my best round (ever). I’m erratic, unpredictable, but getting better. In fairness, Community doesn’t have very many hazards.

I would love to play 9 holes (maybe 18 on occasion) 2-3 times per week. I play once per week with my steady golf partner. Ironically, we both retired from the same line of work and started golf at the same time.

So how about Thursday? Anyone?



Nice idea and I think it’s great that you’ve decided to pick up the game. Unfortunately, with two little ones, my golfing days are few and far between right now. I was able to sneak away for a guys trip down to Alabama last weekend to play a few courses on the Robert Trent Jones Trail. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a golf getaway.

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Eddie, so proud of you for taking up golf! I would say you’ve done very well in a short period of time to improve your game like that. Shooting 65 at Yankee Trace as a beginner is pretty impressive in my book. Once I retire, and hopefully it won’t be too long, God willing, I would love to play with you since we are close. Maybe even Heatherwoode?

Sounds great. Or anywhere in the area. You’re not that far. Mr. Fornshell should give you an early retirement package for all of the great work you have done!

Note: 65 was on Vintage Course from Senior tees. It was, in fairness, my lowest score there.


Ironic! Our son played there a few weeks ago.

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Went on a trip to the RTJ Trail for 15 consecutive years, and it has got to be one of the best values in the country. Can’t say enough good things about it. I made it to every site except Mobile.

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Great idea! I’m currently reading this in Scotland btw! Home of golf. We need Jive to build us a configuration into the site that can sort by region and the like!

Set golf aside for the nonce. Let’s talk whisky!

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Scotland is epic. Awesome whisky, beer, food, history, people, scenery, and golf. If you have a chance to go, I highly recommend it. We are at The Bahlmoral in Edinboro and it’s great. Sadly, no golf for me as we took our son, but maybe next time. There’s a fantastic Speyside whisky that tastes like dessert wine. So odd as. It is nothing like I’ve ever had. I’ll recall the name in a second…

I am into single malt whisky big time and know just what you mean. I’ll be very interested to hear what it is. Can’t wait to go! After that, end of thread jack.

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I think it was Mortlach? Google it. The wee witchie

Oh, yeah!

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We were just outside of Birmingham this past weekend. Played 36 at Oxmoor Valley on Friday and then drove to Silver Lake and played 36 on Saturday. Way too much golf in two days, but we had fun. Wanted to play Ross Bridge, but some (now former) groundskeeper put too much fertilizer on their greens and ruined them. They’re closed for the season, ouch.


I had not heard that about Ross Bridge! Holy cow.

We made up our own names for the Heartbreaker/Mindbreaker/Backbreaker 9s. :smile:

I remember eating at Top O’ The River.

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Just played Oxmoor Valley (Valley and Ridge courses) and the Judge course at Capitol Hill in Montgomery in March. All very tough courses and a lot of elevation changes!

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Probably played The Judge 5 times. Every time there was this long Par 5 that ran along water… that no matter the weather… played into a 30 mph wind. Could be calm as could be every other hole. The Judge sentenced me to 5 hours of punishment.

Mowch, that is one challenging course! I lost a box of balls that day!

Proper golf balls for starting out

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I have a hodgepodge of balls, but I believe the Titleist in the upper left may be what you posted.

Since it is a Miami Forum, I also included an old pic from an old-timers football game in the late 70s.

Edit: I have not used Warbird balls yet. Was a gift and have been using other balls instead.


Eddie, just buy a box of Pro V already. These other brands are unbecoming to your rapidly improving game. I could give you a longer dissertation here, but I think they are the best balls you can buy. I don’t care for Callaway