Game Week - Robert Morris

Turning the page. I watched part of the replay between Dayton and RMU. The two teams were about as evenly matched as could be, with the Flyers winning 24-22. Both teams are undersized and lack speed.

We should be able to get a lot of playing time for anyone we want to see on the field this Saturday. I would love to see Avion play the first half and Henry and whoever is our QB 3 play the entire second half. Getting Brett hurt - especially in the opener - was a nightmare scenario. We simply must create some depth with experience at QB.

I also think Saturday should be a non threatening opportunity to clean up some of the communications issues that showed up against Kentucky.


I agree. Let’s lock and load with Smith & Hesson and smoke Phillip Morris.


I know UD is typically one of the better Pioneer League teams, but they’re still non-scholarship. We should whip RMU badly. Our running game looked decent enough against UK that they can pick up the slack for inexperienced QBs.


For the record, Dayton was down 14-6 at the half. The second half, the Flyers had 2 touchdowns and a field goal. Dayton has a lot of new starters so it was a great comeback and win.

Yay Flyers. But irrelevant to how we need to address the RMU game. RedHawks should handle either team by 52 points.

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Chuck just did his Monday presser. Brett out “for a while.” Didn’t rule him out for the season.


Phil Steele has released his 2022 strength of schedule ranking. We’re listed at 122. If we’re any good we ought to win 8-9 games with that ranking.

Yep. It didn’t sound like he’d be back anytime soon, though. CM also said Vaughn is gone for the year and that Coldiron is also out for a while. The rest of our QB room has thrown two or three passes max in a game setting. Sounds like we’re preparing to go with Avion for quite a while. Sure glad RMU is up next! CM called the injury report a “worst case” scenario. Big time bummer!

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Coaching malpractice


He didn’t get injured at the end of the game. The injury happened when he dove for a first down when the game was close.


He looked fine until the play where they stopped the game for his injury and he never came back after that play

Miami never catches a break with home games. Weather looks dicey for Saturday night and we will likely be uncompetitive vs UC in two weeks without Brett

Tough news. We even start the conference season with tough East opponents

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You can’t plan for injuries, but you can plan to have a backup with some experience.


At this point I wouldn’t expect to see Brett or Coldiron until conference play at the earliest.

Unfortunately looking at 1-3 again in noncon.

Can’t remember a QB as injury prone as Gabbert has been.

So why the hell was he trotted out there with 4 minutes left, down four possessions?


Possibly…thought that as well, but it got worse at 3 min mark about, didnt that huge DL guy land on him in chase?

He stumbled after getting up. Either way…no need to be out there 37-13 with even 5 to go, was Chuck suddenly concerned with making headline look better for first time in his Miami career?


One would think that as a coach, when you see your starting RT go down for yr and you lose your All-conf capable tight end, injuries just might be at the top of your mind. Down big with 3-4 minutes to go and he leaves Brett in there, along with the other starters. On a trip like that, once the game is out of reach, reward your backups by putting them in so they get the experience of playing at a SEC school AND the team avoids additional injuries to the starters. That, and Kentucky was playing their backups, who want to lay some licks to impress the coaches. Now, we don’t have our QB b/c Chuck was thinking about what he was going to say at the post-game presser. Then, down goes Brett. And, there goes any chance for an upset in the next 2 big games and a lousy way to start the MAC.
This is ALL on Chuck. I have not been negative about him before. But this is too much of a clusterfu** to ignore.
Bball can start ASAP.


Let Humphreys take control and get him ready for the next 3 years. Confident if he’s as good as advertised he’ll figure it out by the time MAC season swings around.


He does look legit. I think Hesson or Aveon will surprise, though.

Agreed Mighty…it’s ridiculous and he tried to cover it up/ address with saying we were playing our guys to the end of game…

Almost equivalent to timeout gate…

…one clarification our potential next NFL lineman Sam Vaughan went down @ LT (blindside protection…out for the year)

The situation with Brett is inexcusable. With 3-5 minutes left the game is clearly over. If Chuck can’t see the idiocy of leaving the best QB in the conference and the only one with experience on the roster on the field, then it’s incumbent on at least one assistant to speak up. If Brett gets hurt in a close game that’s bad luck. Here we had a chance to control our luck and Chuck botched it.


Injuries happen…but Chuck knows this or says, but leaves the kid in when game is out of reach… perplexing.

"We do this every year. We’ve gone through this every year. You make a lot of money, but there’s a lot of carnage. It’s an uphill battle from the beginning. It’s like this every year. It did not turn out well.

“We play these money games. You love the excitement, but it’s not good.”

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