G5 Championship Floated

The Power 5 have already been up on Capitol Hill multiple times to lobby legislators to keep their tax exempt status.

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The new proposal that’s being floated and apparently has some momentum among media execs and college presidents is an 80 team super league for football only. The 68 current P5 programs plus Notre Dame and SMU would have permanent super league membership and be split into 7 divisions of 10 teams. Current G5 teams would have a promotion/relegation system to determine membership of an 8th 10 team division that competes within the super league. Super league teams would put in place collective bargaining rules to pay players and set restrictions around player movement.


When the P5 TV money starts getting funneled back into football to pay players instead of supporting the athletic department are these schools going to slash budgets for other sports or add/increase student fee support?

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My argument on this board has always been that colleges should get to decide how many sports they will/will not support. Conferences should not get to decide that

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Seems like an unfair practice to never be able to have a chance to become a permanent member and dethrone a poor performer with a consistently good performer. Would a bad team from Big10 or SEC then end up playing in a different conference for a year?

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=>Miami would be in the Super League if happened today…


Quote from Sports Pro:

"The CST’s plan would see the top 70 programmes, consisting of all members of the five former Power conferences, alongside Notre Dame and Southern Methodist University (SMU), become permanent members of the league. The 70 colleges would be sorted into seven ten-team leagues, joined by an eighth division to be made up of teams promoted from the second tier.

The second tier would be made up of over 50 schools who would fight for progression to the upper level, as part of a similar promotion and relegation system deployed in European soccer. They would compete to play in the eighth ten-team league, with the 70-strong group of elite programmes not at risk of losing their place at the highest tier.

With this structure, the competition would not employ a selection committee for the playoffs, with the eight division winners to be joined by eight wild card entrants decided by their league record and tiebreakers."

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Wouldn’t the Big Ten and SEC conferences take a revenue hit with this model? Dont their TV revenue models require their recent expansion schools? I don’t see that in the table above

A change like this has to benefit them too in order for them to accept the change. And what if their recent expansions were designed to setup a 40 team super conference in the long run. Why would they allow another 30 teams to get a bite of that pie?

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I would think there would have to be a pretty serious financial incentive to play in the G5 division. No opportunity to ever more into the top 70 and every other division is gerographically based while that one could be flying all over the country.

That model will never happen. Possible variation, but not that. SEC & B10 are putting together a/the plan. It’ll undoubtedly benefit those who drive the revenue, not be fair to G5 and negotiated independent of BB for incremental value. BB will do same and inc BE and other big time BB programs. Hope is Olympic sports and G5 survive.
This was by a group that is pretty irrelevant (Gee is a goofy blowhard and Sveyrud is an academic who only recently learned how to spell athletics).

NCAA just needs to let the SEC and B10+? go. They can keep their fans and the NCAA can go back tooling out for the 100 other schools in the organization


Prob will but I think they need about 60-80ish schools to make it work.

ESPN and Fox will decide what college football looks like, so whatever offers the best revenue package, no matter how it looks, will be the way forward.

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My crazy plan is a form or relegation where G5s pair up with P4s, this means one G5 needs to go away. MAC pairs with B10 and on some regular basis say 3 years two schools move up and two move down. each league has 20 teams.

MAC expansion is needed for this, I propose adding Marshall, MTSU and WKU to start the march toward 20 teams.

My other options that I think might be cool is MAC and IVY league combo?

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Lifting a line from Cool Runnings: “Sanka, what you smokin’?”

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They could make a sequel to Cool Runnings about the current state of college football thanks to greed and behind the scenes maneuvering and call it “Uncool Runnings”. I think I might support this at the box office. In the movie, the ghost of John Candy would haunt Fox, ESPN and the other players who have been in cahoots.