G5 Championship Floated

Is Chadwell the first coach to propose this? He’s not likely to be in G5 much longer.

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Easy to say when you’re at a school that can outspend the rest of the G5 but doesn’t play any team with a pulse until bowl season.

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Not only do I agree with Liberty’s Coach I have said and posted this myself multiple times.

If we’re going to do this, what’s the point of even being FBS anymore? Would the G5 programs form a division between FBS and FCS?

Yep. If this is what happens to CFB, Miami would be better served dropping Football to FCS and re-focusing that money to basketball and hockey.

There is no money and very little exposure in FCS.

The way I read the article is that the best would still be in the playoff

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No thank you. I do not want a separate mid tier FBS above FCS unless the equivalent of soccer relegation occurs and the bottom 2 P4 conference members swap with top 2 of another G5 conference each year so at least 8-10 total would swap up each year. (This won’t happen, but would be highly exciting and create interest in games that would decide this.)

Good and even mid tier G5s can compete with at least 1/2 of the P4. Maybe more?
The top 15 P4s and bottom 15 G5s are where there are extreme outliers of extremes of bad and extremes of good.

The cartel (BIG/SEC) however will do whatever it wants.

Never drop to FCS. But whether we like it or not the P4 is going to essentially and defacto separate from the G5. Hell B10 and SEC are already trying to do that to the ACC and B12 making those two the ugly stepchildren of the P4. And I will never support shunting money from football to hockey. Sorry.


P5, G5, FCS won’t mean much for long. Those will be antiquated. I support a real postseason tournament for schools like Miami.

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I’ve seen 2 proposals;

  1. EPL Table where the big name programs start out, and every year teams are added and dropped;
  2. LIV-type where the big names remain a constant, the players are just pro athletes paid by the university, and they get experience and exposure for the NFL. There is an option for athletes to take classes, but it’s not a requirement.

The EPL table sounds the most fun, but the LIV thing is probably the most lucrative for TV, so … I think we know where this is probably gonna go.

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No classes?
That would be disgusting. That is not the premise schools are based on. If semi pro and not taking classes then take away the BIG and SEC tax exemptions as it is pure profit.

I wish I could cut the big ten and sec networks from my tv plan if possible.

Is Stanford and Vanderbilt and Notre Dame and Northwestern and Duke and etc. going to pay athletes who are not students? Disgraceful if that ever happens.


I see the kings of academia taking a suspicious look at any scenario that pays athletes who are not students to represent their institutions.

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Basketball is one of the few things the NCAA got right. The tournament offers proof that parity in a major sport can still exist. And proof you can find 8 good players sans a giant NIL and knock off bigger, well-heeled teams. (St. Peter’s. Loyala Chicago and others the last few years.) Football at the highest level may very run itself out of fans and resources after a while. Most money holes have a bottom at some point.


At some point the networks will say no thanks

What makes you think that the one-and-done’s in B-Ball and the 2-&-done’s in NCAA FB are taking classes now? Especially when the season is over and they are declaring for the draft?

Sports is all about money now … it’s much different than when us old mofos were kids and you played little league at the local park, rode your bike to practice and MAYBE had an inter-park game. For high schools, you played at your local school and some years you were loaded, others not so much, but you learned how to play the game and be a good sport. Schools like Moeller under Gerry Faust were the exceptions, rather than the rule.

Nowadays, too much bullsh*t like travel teams, NIL, and I.M.G. Academy-types have made it into big business, and suckers like us eat it up.

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And they’re coming in with SAT scores three and four hundred points lower than an average freshman at many schools and then being parked in an exercise science or sports management major. Everybody does it from the Ivies on down, including Miami. Unless the university is essentially open admissions, they are making exceptions for athletes and then manipulating the system to keep them eligible. Didn’t Harbaugh famously say that he wasn’t allowed to major in History or Political Science at Michigan because the coaches felt he’d never be able to manage the reading load and was forced to major in kinesiology(?).


One of the interesting things during my time at Miami was having athletes like Curt McMillan and Bill Atha in my classes. Not sure if there are still many student-athletes in college classes today … not meant as a diss, but more as a general question. Ah, the days of MAYBE seeing an away game on Jefferson-Pilot sports!

They’re at least enrolled in classes while they’re at the school. And Miami held Mirambeaux accountable for that last fall. Universities paying kids simply to come in and play sports without being enrolled or otherwise being supervised by the universities is a horse of another color. Big time collegiate sports for student/athletes stretches the boundaries of the mission of universities and colleges. Simply creating a department to play sports with no vestige of higher education crashes through that mission boundary completely.


… and the “requirement to pay taxes” as a “no longer” non profit institution may become a major issue for the “non student sponsored pro teams.” The mission of the universities will have been broken if sports only (minor league sports) is a reality. That is why we have minor league and pro sports. Let the NFL create a “D” or “G” league like the NBA.