Fire Jack Owens

Team full of upperclassmen that runs an uninspired offense, uninspired defense, and whose rebounding strategy is “stare at the ball.” We’re sitting at 7-7 despite games 3 games vs. D3 opponents.

We’ll get hot and beat some teams because that’s the nature of the disorganized step back jump shooting that we call an offense, but this is year 5 of Jack and year 5 of mediocrity.


Year 5…4-7, unlikely that we finish much above 500 in MAC, if that…14-17 (err 17-17)…so exciting, let’s extend it!

Great move DS.

What’s the buyout? Because let’s be real that’s the relevant question, it’s the same reason Martin wouldn’t have been fired even if we went 4-8 this past season.

We never should of gave him an extension anyways


In college hoops, a really good coach is usually pretty evident in a fairly short period of time…like Meghan Duffy. With Owens it has been a real slog all the way from the beginning, and I don’t see it changing much no matter who we put out in the floor.

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On or before 5/31/22: 350k

Between 6/1/22 and 3/1/24: 200k

Between 3/1/24 and 5/31/24: Remainder of contract (ends 5/31/24)

Sum paid out quarterly over duration of contract, and reduced if he finds new employment.


Why in the world did they extend his contract!

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Quoted for truth

This may be truth…to an extent…but the goal is to keep hiring Meghan Duffy’s (“Herb Sendek’s”) and let them keep on leaving…or grab the twilight guys, ala Coles (I mean Tubby Smith is at High Point, not that he’s done great, but still…High Point in the Big South)…that said I take several MAC coaches/staffs over our crew.

Even Whitford, a bit of slump off COVID year…but far more success than Miami

I mean Miami’s back to back Bball hires are incredible duds. Our program, zero success on any level or metric in 10 years, really. I see a lot of winning by these other staffs and schools (short and long term)…I see none by Miami.

This season is looking more and more as if Dae Dae’s last…here @ Miami.


A 200K buyout isnt that big but why the drop on June 1 instead of April 1?

You would think that at end of season, if things ends as bad or as typical as they have…200K would not be a hurdle…and the extension was well writing, and not really anything more than a vail to keep recruiting going.

Unfortunately, Jack has shown little that suggests that he should continue as HC at Miami IMO…and that’s too bad…but the play, the look, the progress, and the results are not there.

Miami is 4-7 with senior laden guards (two All MAC quality players), 5th year wing/forward (All MAC quality player), 6th year PF…and some depth in his 5th year as HC.

Click on anyone of the links above, and you’ll see significantly better results from those programs and staff…that’s half of the MAC!

PS I had no idea Stan Heath was @ EMU this year…which also brings up the point that EMU and WMU, despite some down years recently have all had way more success than Miami…then there’s BG…I mean Miami is arguably the worst program in MAC over last 10 years, maybe we are fighting it out with NIU? That is so pathetic.

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Our stats page says our average attendance for 8 home games is 876. Take out the 7,600 who were there for the UC game and we are basically drawing like an academically-elite D3 program - friends and family plus the Knolls.


10 plus years of suck will do that…how Miami has allowed its bball program to be the worst in the conference for this long is truly embarrassing.


yea he has to go. He has proven he is not a good coach. He has had plenty of time at MIAMI

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The stats page has to be wrong. Because 8 x 876 = 7,008. And we had more than that for the UC game

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With the game of musical chairs that takes place at the end of the season, you basically have to make a move in March before the best options leave the market (see our open women’s assistant slot this season) and so that the new coach can get a jump on recruiting/transfers. They set the dates in such a way that the $350k applies if we fire him after this season and the $200k applies if we fire him from next season on.

I think it’s very unlikely that we pay the $350k this season (barring a total collapse). Partially because of finances (especially during Covid), but also because I think we’re probably going to turn things around a bit before the end of the season. I don’t see how you can fire a coach immediately after you’ve just had your best season since the Bush administration.

If we regress next season with some of the seniors leaving, there might be a move. But I see virtually no chance he gets fired after this season.

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I agree he won’t be fired.
This program will need to hit the reset button after this year. I don’t see younger players who can step up and give us a winning season next year. Transfers are always possible, but can we get anyone who can make a major impact? Doubtful.
This means Jack will start the rebuild, surely have a bad enough season next year to be fired, and then we will hire another coach who will start his own rebuild. Next year will be a complete waste of time.
What would Jack have to do this season to protect him against the backlash of a bad season next year? Would a top 6 seed and a trip to the semifinals be enough to protect his job for a few more years?
I don’t see a scenario where Jack is the coach in 2023/24. I don’t see a scenario where 2022/23 isn’t a complete rebuilding year. Jack should not be heading up that effort.


UNINSPIRED. That is a good way to describe the way we play and the way Jack coaches.
Jack shows no energy or emotion on the sidelines. That is the way the team plays.



Damn. We can’t even win at stats when we’re playing ourselves!