Final AP poll

Toledo #35
Miami #40
Ohio #43


Pretty decent with losses near the end by Toledo and MU. It would be nice to see all of us ranked this high (or higher) to start the next season!


We got 4 votes…if we had won against App State we might have had a shot at top 25 but likely would have finished more like #26-28. Still, a great season…too bad the weather ruined our bowl game.


Where did Appetizer State finish?

No votes.

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Odd! Ps, thanks for the update

They finished 9-5 and weren’t conference champs.

No MAC teams received votes in the final coaches poll.

SMU at 24 was the only G5 team on Chuck Martin’s ballot.


I know we are all homers here. I believe we were are too 25 team. Just an awesome season all the way around. Regardless of what the AP thinks.


It would seem it might be getting harder for a G5 team to finish in the top 25. In 2022 three G5 teams - Tulane #9, Troy and Fresno all finished in the Top 25. All three won their bowl games.

In 2023, only SMU and Liberty finished Top 25. Both below #20. Both lost their bowl games.

This year it was hard to argue that any G5 deserved it. Liberty lost by 60 points. SMU lost to a BC team that lost to NIU and barely beat Holy Cross. Tulane lost by a decent margin. No real great out of conference wins

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Agree. G5 was a fairly visible one level down from P5 this season. Will bear watching to see it the trend continues.

The G5 teams that moved up this season also struggled against the established P5.

Kind of surprised we got any votes considering we were a 3-loss G5 team, but it’s nice to see.

Edit: We were actually tied with Kentucky and UCLA for #37.


Just as there shouldn’t be a preseason AP poll, there shouldn’t be a post-bowl AP poll. With the transfer portal and players sitting out, the bowl game shouldn’t be included in any type of poll tabulation or final SP ranking.