Fall Preview Scrimmage

A few random observations on the fall preview day.

My focus was more on looking for what new guys were doing at the skill positions.

My apologies to the guys up front.

  1. Special teams looked good. The way the offense sputtered there were a lot of opportunities for the field goal teams. Graham Nicholson looked solid again. Frosh Kellan McLaughlin looks to be the back up and appears to have a good leg. He hit a 55 yard FG.
    Dzobian is hurt and did not punt. Alec Beveilhimer did the punting and had a few nice punts. He is also the holder. Gage Larvadain was the punt returner. I think Kevin Davis was the KR but it could have been Mozee.

  2. Offense did not look good. Receivers had a hard time getting separation on DBs especially in red zone. Reggie Virgil was out. Joe Wilkins; Jr was with the first team as was Larvadain. I thought some of the true freshman receivers look like they have potential. Cole Weaver had a couple of nice catches. Ryan Sims had a nice catch. Que Williams got some snaps as did what appears to be walk on Will Bradley. Gabbert clearly throws the best ball. Aveon does look like he has improved his throwing.

It was hard to tell anything about the run game as they were obviously limiting contact.
Kenny Tracy looked to be #1 running back but Rashold Amos also got some reps.

There was a definite emphasis on trying to run uptempo a few times. Quicker play calls. It appeared to be effective but I noticed that a few of the offensive guys looked gassed when they did it. Not sure how that is going to work in heat at Miami unless we are in better shape than the Hurricanes.

  1. I thought the defense looked good. Pass coverage was tight and aggressive. It appeared to me that there might have been a few pass interception calls made if we had been in Hard Rock Stadium. Raion Strader got a lot of action at DB as did Mychal Yarbrough, both true frosh.

Sorry I can’t contribute more but this is the best I can do off the top of my head.

I wish I had more time to concentrate on the line play.


Good observations. Only thing I would add is it looked like Koehler was still here. Red zone-fade, fade, fade (or throw away), field goal. I stopped counting after five series of starting at the ten and not gaining a yard.

The “Fall Scimmage” is more just a run-down of situational football, correct?

QWell done!

That was one terrible interview. CM mumbled and there were distracting noises and whistles all around the area near the mic. Really didn’t need to hear much after the first sentence: “The Offense Stunk.”

That’s disconcerting after it’s been the primary point of focus since last December. Less than two weeks to fix it.

Did they show any sets with both Brett and Aveon on the field together?

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None that I saw

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Is that you, Reghi?


Martin had a lot of control over what Koehler ran.


How many QBs got reps. I wasn’t able to make it today.

Gabbert, Smith, Hesson.

I did not see any sets with Brett and Aveon on the field together. Of Hesson either for that matter.




Thanks for this report. In all the years they have had an event, I think it is the second time I have missed it. College football fantasy draft .

I pretty much despise how we overuse that fade pass. The percentage of completions with it is atrocious.


The report that our receivers can’t get separation is ominous considering they’ll be facing an All American Safety in Kamren Kinchins at Hard Rock on September 1.

If our WR can’t get separation I hope whoever the hell is running the offense gets creative with the TEs and RBs in the passing game. Especially since I am still not sold on our running game.

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Meet the new offense, same as the old offense


Jfc, it was a camp scrimmage. Let’s at least give it one game.


Hate the fade route! (Unless you have a dominating 6-6 tight end).

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I have always been of the same mindset as you, however, I am so disappointed in the number of incomplete and unwarranted fades we have thrown over the last several years that I have changed my mind. Don’t throw it, please. Use the tight end, use the backs, QB draw, etc. Not the fade unless we have a transfer I don’t know about. Not even in scrimmages. Not even with green eggs and ham. No. Just tell the down box guys to change the box from 1 to 2. We just gave up a play.

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James Gardner was a pretty good target on the fade. He’s not in our fall camp.

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