F*ck Disney. And Spectrum

Opening weekend of college football and tonight I have no ESPN channels.

“The dispute is expected to affect all of Disney’s cable stations and could go into effect on Thursday night. So Spectrum customers would be without ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, as well as the ACC Network, the Longhorn Network, and the SEC Network.”

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Yeah, I just sat down to watch Florida and Utah and saw the same thing on my screen. Affecting the ACC network? Now that would tick me off tomorrow night. I have ESPN Plus so I can get some of the games and hopefully will be able to get the ACC network game tomorrow night.

Yeah, I am pretty fucking pissed right now. I pay for Spectrum damn platinum package and don’t have one damn ESPN channel and if you go to ACC Network, which I am supposed to have, also says it is affected. I pay a ridiculous amount to Spectrum each month for this and they damn well better have this resolved by tomorrow night.

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My understanding is that the game tomorrow won’t be on ESPN+. I REALLY hope I’m wrong. Anyone know for sure?

YouTube TV people. Cut the cord. And yes I get the game tomorrow night on the ACC Network


I really figured I was covering all my bases by keeping spectrum but still adding ESPN Plus. If I still can’t get the game tomorrow night, that’s ridiculous.

Switch to YouTube tv


Exactly. Pretty much every single football game available. I even got to watch North Alabama vs. Mercer last week.

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Decided to explore my options after I couldn’t watch the Navy - Notre Dame game last weekend because of a dispute between DirecTV and the company that owns my local NBC station. Discovered that YouTube TV is over $30 per month cheaper than what I was paying and the only relevant missing channels are the local Bally Sports networks. Plus you get a pretty sizable discount on NFL Sunday Ticket. Very easy decision to switch.

They’re rolling out the multi-view too. 4 games on the same screen.

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YouTube tv is even more economical if you have a family member to split it with. My brother and I share a subscription for only $30 something a month

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I get basic Spectrum as part of my condo association fees and pay a little extra for the sports pack and a little extra on the ESPN app for ESPN Plus. You would think with all that coverage I should be able to get a game that’s in the ESPN family of networks. I’ll be pretty ticked off if I can’t.

Wow - I’ve had YouTube TV for years and had no idea I get the ACC Network. I’ve missed out on so many…well, I’ve probably missed out on nothing.

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Spectrum is below average at best. We pay a ridiculously-high price for their top-tier package. We need to stream more.

I contacted a local bar to see if they have the ACC Network and if they’ll be able to show the Miami game on Friday night. The bar has satellite, so we’ll see

YouTube TV is great…finally exited cable this year. Got lotsa college football networks, including ESPN family, FS1, B10, SEC, and ACC networks along w CBS sportsnet.

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I would check the espn apps tomorrow. I am not seeing it on espn+ but on matts college sports on tv they show it streaming on some espn platform

People still get cable? Lol

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I bounce between Spectrum and Cincy Bell. When the price goes up and they won’t make me a deal I switch to the other’s introductory offer. Deals are always less than $100 a month (no extras).
Beats the price of YouTube TV plus the additional home internet service package.

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Hulu and Sling appear to have ACC as of now (“ Miami vs Miami 7 pm tonight”).