Beat Oakland City University yesterday.
Click here or Eddie will send your liver to a small school in IN

I never heard of Oakland City, but they beat Miami Middletown last season.

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Fwiw, they’re picked to finish last in the MVC. We also play Indiana St. this season (#7):

  1. Drake (52) 646
  2. Bradley (1) 542
  3. Southern Illinois (1) 537
  4. Missouri State 418
  5. UNI 416
  6. Belmont 388
  7. Indiana State 344
  8. Murray State 324
  9. Valparaiso 234
  10. Illinois State 186
  11. UIC 109
  12. Evansville 68

Miami is picked second to last in the MAC, though honestly I don’t think anyone knows what to expect with this team.


Have we ever been picked to finish the conference this low? We’re a wild card now so I can understand being second from last.

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Yes, I’m pretty sure one year in Cooper’s tenure we were picked to finish dead last

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Oakland City and Huntington (?) are exhibition games. First real game is Miami.

Evansville and Miami kind of mirror images. Both with new coaches and lots of new players.


Have students needed tickets in prior years? They’re free, but still, the last thing Miami students need is to make it harder for them to attend.


No, it’s a recent change and I dislike it. It’s hard enough to get students there, making them fiddle around with a website or app is just another barrier as opposed to scanning their student id.


Eh…they all have phones…not hard.

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Way more than you want to know about Evansville’s exhibition win over Huntington University. Looks like they play a lot of guys, starting five unsettled.

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Wait, wait, wait

Miami is opening the season on a Monday night at 8:30pm as part of a double header.

Pfffffttttt. HAHAHAHAHA!

What marketing genius thought that’d be a good idea? Only time I remembered Miami tipping midweek after 8pm was vs Michigan at Millett. And ESPN2 or U was covering it

And their game thread:

I’m cautiously optimistic for this first game. I’m worried about what we’ll be able to do with the amount of injuries we have, but if there was a D1 team to start the season against in our situation, it’s Evansville. I don’t feel like we have a shortage of talent, but we definitely have a shortage of experience and healthy bodies. I’d put us much better than the coaches poll, but with definite room for improvement. I think by year 3 or 4 we’ll be a consistent top 3 team in the conference, and it starts by getting the young guys some experience with the pace of college basketball.

Any guesses on the starting 5?


I thought guys were just a bit dinged, Etzler on injury reserve?

Mehki does not look 100%, and Mo’ Safford, Kamari and Harrison nursing some nagging injuries, but all practiced last week?

PG: Mehki
2G: Mo
3GWing: Kamari
SF/BF: Harrison if healthy, or Morris if there’s a power forward matchup or **Lewis as 3G/Wing **.
BF/C: Anderson or Harrison

Not sure how Evansville plays which will dictate 4/5, if had to guess

I assume he’ll go with guys that have at least seen action in D1, then adjust.

Rotations on new, young guys with older/existing will be interesting on the balance of experience…with Tatum, Smith, Mabrey, Rylee etc.

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Ours or theirs?

Smith started against Morehead

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Are you holding out on us?



Lewis injured in car accident. Ok soon.

Williams possibly at risk academically.

Miami -8

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Just curious where you are getting this information from?

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Billy…b/c guys were not avail correct, like Kamari?

Billy is my first guys off bench though ;-)…and not sure if he’s challenging Lewis or Kamari for time…have not seen game time.

Just saw your update/post - Well based on that, move Billy up into that 3G/Wing spot. Bummer on Lewis and Kamari.

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CBS listed the line

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