Double Digit win seasons

I have been a fan since 1974. 48 years for those of you scoring along at home. Since that time we have had five (5) double digit win seasons. That’s about one (1) every decade. You guys pinning Miami’s lack of winning on CM is comical. Do I like it? No!, Do I accept it? Hell no! Do I understand that we aren’t an annual football powerhouse. Yes, I do. Yet I hope for a great year. I ride or die with my team. I get pisssed, frustrated and confused. So, if you can guarantee a coach an come in and turn us into a dominant program, I’m in. However, if not……dumping A solid coach, losing 2023 committed recruits and throwing away the next season, will not solve a thing. IMO


I think you are being too humble #1, Chuck Martin and our OC are simply awesome beyond doubt! Miami Football couldn’t be better!

Thanks for reminding them,


Less about Double Digit wins and more about not being 500 or less football…again I see people calling for a new OC, this is not that easily done, without 1) extending the HC, or 2) firing the HC…hence the discussion.

Also in light of handling of Brett lately…frustrations on the quality of coaching are emerging. My issue is with the offense and OC, it’s bad and generally been mediocre for some time…CM’s tenure is starting to wane at this point for me and it’s unfortunate…I don’t see a confident coach on the sideline.

In 9 years, CM has only been over 500 twice…you can talk about OOC for days, but there have been winnable games that just are not treated as such.

PS, we’ve actually had 7 double digit wins since 1973, so might as well include the year before. Another 6, 8 win seasons in the years you only played ~11 games.


"Do I understand that we aren’t an annual football powerhouse. Yes, I do. "

Are you kidding me??? Miami should absolutely be an annual football powerhouse in the MAC! Chuck has all the history and advantages in this league to dominate. But yet he makes excuses over and over and over.

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Hahahaha…Read the post. Since I became a fan. You guys just want to argue.

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Five seasons of10 or more wins in 48 years is a powerhouse to you? I want us to be better, I think we can be. However you guys wax poetic over something that never was. Who is the coach that will take us there? Name him.

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And you just want to be a pollyanna. You’re entitled to that as well as we’re entitled to want something better than what we’ve had in the last 9 years.


That’s one helluva strawman you’re beating there ballcoach1.

“Should” Thank you for proving my point. We aren’t, yet. I hope we can be though.

BC1, I truly like your optimism and fan-ness; I really do. Like you, I’ve been a fan for decades (went to my first MU game in 1971).

I think the issue here is that Miami simply has lost its mojo. We are not a team to be feared in the MAC (and we should be), we are not a team that P5 squads worry about (we should be), we are not in the top 15-20% of the G5 (we should be).

I want that mojo back. I want to be a top MAC team EVERY year. I want a winning record EVERY year. I want the Cincinnati Enquirer to HAVE to cover Miami. 6-6 should be seen as a gross failure at Miami. 7-5 is a marginal success. In a regular season of 12 games, we need to win 75% of them. Every year.

Miami can do this. But I’m afraid–and I don’t say this lightly–that our current staff (or more accurately assistants?) are not the ones to take us there.


I don’t know, but I know DOZENS and DOZENS of coaches can do what the current one can.


We also play 14 games now instead of 11. 10-4 is basically equivalent to 8-3. The only time we’ve even managed 8 wins under Chuck Martin is when we went 8-6 in 2019.


I read the post, that’s why I said, might as well include the one before…you were still short one anyway.

Stats can be skewed in one’s favor, lol

PS. Keep in mind CM’s two complete season that resulted in above 500 record, took 14 and 13 game seasons. Not the same as going 8-3 in an 11 game season.

I see Quinoa has already elaborated on this above…

Sure, an occasional 10 win season would be great, Coach.

I too have been a Miami fan since the early 70’s (was at Miami 74-78), and my perspective on success (or lack thereof) is not predicated on 10 wins seasons being the rule; more so that we:

  1. effectively compete for the MAC title EVERY year (and win a title 2 of every 5 years)
  2. play respectably OOC and beat P5 teams occasionally,
  3. win at least 8 games a year (regular season) at least 75% of the time, and
  4. go there a bowl game 9 out of every 10 years.

Chuck doesn’t even come close on any of those parameters with the possible exception of contending for the MAC East a few times.

So stop with the straw man arguments that the long-standing alums here are unrealistic and expect 10 wins every year…that’s not what we are saying.


Hey, BC1. Walk next door and check to see if there’s a realtor’s sign in Chuck’s front yard yet.

And we only played 11 games a year from your base year of 1974 until 2005. A double digit season was a little bit more of a challenge until we could play 12, 13 or even 14 games a year if we made it to the MACC.

Several Miami coaches have had a significant impact on our football culture and our reputation as a high quality, mid-major program - Pont, Sclembechler, Mallory, Crum, Walker, and Hoeppner are on that list. Even Tim Rose got us a legendary win at LSU and even the terrible Don’t beat both Army and a nationally ranked OU team during his stint as head coach.

Martin is not on that list - and should not be.

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As I stated above, I am more than willing to cut Chuck some slack on expectations of routinely achieving 10 wins…that’s a high bar considering our difficult OOC schedule. At the same time, we play in arguably the weakest division of the weakest FBS conference in the land (used to be better than C-USA and Sunbelt but not so much anymore), and thus going 6-2 in conference and 2-2 OOC should not considered out of reach. Eight wins should be the bar every year for Miami and a 9-3 season would be even better (2-2 non con and 7-1 in the MAC).

I just don’t want to beat by OU when they are 3-9 and throttled, manhandled by them when they are not.

Especially when they never use to matter.

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Yeah, I get that 100% and agree.


So to be clear. You want all coaches fired. You want to lose the 2023 class that has committed. Lose existing recruits that came to play for CM. Then just start all over again? I’m serious. This is your plan, correct?

At some point, if he’s not extended, he will be a lame duck and all of those things will happen, anyway. If we bring in a staff that doesn’t run the smallest RB up the middle every second down or throw that screen pass in every “must make” situation, that will be progress.