Dismal weekend for Miami athletics

Men’s hoops loses at Buffalo. Women’s hoops loses at Millett. Baseball swept in DH at home by 0-7 Siena, Hockey barfs up two goal 3rd period lead and loses in OT at the Goggin. Softball gets blown out 10-1 by Nova and then loses a 4 run late inning lead to Cal, dropping a 12-11 8 inning decision. We used to be a good program athletically. Something untoward has happened. Sad…

Men’s swimming won another MAC championship. Some good news!


I don’t think it’s fair to the softball team to include them in this.


And Chuck is correct.

I just feel the need to follow up with this:

Men’s Hoops: Season is impacted with a new coach, If you were expecting a MAC championship this year, well, whatever. Steele’s doing good things.
Women’s Hoops: End of the season. Plenty of discourse about this elsewhere.
Hockey: Yeah. We know.
Baseball: Just started their season and are 1-9. Yes, not good, but also the stuff before MAC play is akin to a murderer’s row of teams due to southern play. I expect a rebound for the MAC schedule.
Softball: Just started their season and are 9-4. Hey, that’s a winning record!
Miami Synchronized Skating just won a national championship. AGAIN!

Yes, there is doom and gloom but there’s also positives. Whatever side you land on, it’s better to be positive as opposed to pissed off all of the time.

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Miami Synchronized Skating- Miami’s “glass half full” sport for over two decades


Miami men’s basketball set to rise next year. Steele and staff are worth their weight in gold…not so with Miami women’s BB. The former needs to be supported while the latter needs to be fixed.

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None of these rosy comments detracts from the fact that this weekend’s results have been dismal, which was the topic. Softball has two chances to take some of the sting out of it today.

Dismal weekend continues: Softball run ruled 10-0 in 5 innings at Stanford. Game two coming up.

A glimpse of sunshine today as baseball beats Siena 10-3.

Oh, the horror! Softball run ruled by Stanford again in game 2 - 8-0!

In 19 games against teams not named Oklahoma, Stanford has allowed 15 runs this season. Cal was a borderline top 25 team and Villanova is the defending Big East champion. It would have been nice to get 2+ wins, but it’s fine overall.

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As for softball, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. But Miami programs went 2-9 this weekend.

As a season ticket holder for basketball and hockey I share the pain, but will again bring up the MAC championship by Mens Swimming. I believe this should be included in the overall weekend accounting. I understand that many on this board do not care, but these are Miami men representing their/our school and deserve a little better from us. Congrats to the team!


Yea swimming us!

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To refine the point on skating: the collegiate team won a national title, while the senior team finished second and qualified for worlds

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I think the club baseball team went 2-0

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Good point! That is indeed a bright spot for the dismal weekend.

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Another bright spot from the dismal weekend: Golf finished seventh out of 16 teams out in Scottsdale!

When does the Electronic Gaming season begin? I’m in!