Directional Michigan: Final home series/senior weekend

This team has played pretty damn well for most of the last six games and is 1-3-2.

<–M has a lot to play for in terms of tournament seeding.

I sincerely feel like Miami will get a split this weekend.

What do you guys and gals think?


I’ll go with your prediction.!

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Agree there’s a good chance to get either a split or a tie and a loss. Gotta bring it both nights!

This is an important series- as I and others on this site have been saying for some time Miami should be able to match or do better than WMU in this Conference- where are we as a D 1 hockey program?

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Seeing as though I proclaimed we’d win 15 games, I’m pulling for the sweep to close my projection gap!


I Appreciate the positive vibe in this thread!
Go get ‘em Miami!

We are so far behind where Western is. Even if we managed a small miracle and swept them it does nothing to change that. The most we can reasonable get out of this series as a program is are the boys still playing and competing.

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I think you and others that are saying “if Western can do it then Miami certainly should be able to do it better” are grossly underestimating the advantage of being in one of the 3M states. There’s a reason that so many national championships have ended up at schools in one of those states. From in-state recruiting, to local hockey culture and fanbases to (in the case of MIchigan) the presence of the U16 camp to (in the case of Michigan and Minnesota) bordering Canada.

Ohio has long had three D1 hockey programs, but not one of them has ever been able to sustain success. Not Miami with its dozen year run of national relevance. Not Bowling Green with Jerry York and a national title. Not Ohio State with its national brand and buckets of Big Ten money. None of them.

But next year will really, really–no honestly REALLY–be different I’m told.

Down 2-0 after the first.

4-0 after two. Looks like that win is going to have to come tomorrow…

Final 5-0 Broncos - SOG 31-17 WMU. Ouch!

Just fold the program. 0-5 to western….jeebus

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I feel like I should go be supportive at the tourney games next weekend since I can…but I walked out early in disgust(/embarrassment) the last time they were here…

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Or you could just fold your account.


Nah I’m good. The team is beyond shitty and no prospects in sight. I’ve been a die hard fan for a very long time so I’ll express my angst how I want.


Why would anyone who supports Miami as an institution want to see the program end? Because bad seasons are embarrassing to people watching? Really? That seems short sighted and isn’t good for the university and the sport, not to mention the athletes out there.

There are only 62 division 1 programs in the country, counting Stonehill moving up. That is it. There were 59 in 2012 with the addition of Penn State. Meanwhile, between 2020-2021 alone the number of 17-18 year old males playing increased by 8.74% according to USA hockey, to over 26,000. That is one year, it doesn’t consider players 19-21, and it is just one statistic and comes from their membership report, so that under counts. With the shortage of opportunities for players to play at any level, it boggles the mind that anyone would call for a program to fold.

Miami benefits from a fantastic college town, it is a great university that offers an academic area for everyone, across a broad range of interest. The facilities are excellent. The program should be competitive. As to “no prospects in sight” assuming you mean players, see my previous posts. It isn’t because the talent is not out there spread across junior hockey programs throughout the country (you probably don’t even need to cross any borders). If by prospects you mean NTDP players or players being heralded by hockey influencers on social media, that could be right. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t enough elite players in the country to field a competitive team in the conference.

If 62 teams have rosters of 30, that is 1860 players total. Miami can’t find players to be competitive at this level? I just don’t buy it. It isn’t like there are ONLY 1830 players out there and Miami had to take lesser players for their 30. It would be more productive to ask why the program takes the players it does, and why not others? What is the process? Who are they listening to? What is causing the problem? That is recruiting, and doesn’t even touch on coaching, training, systems, process, philosophy, character, athletic, academic, psychological support, etc.

I have been a fan for a long time, too. So I will express my support and optimism how I want :slight_smile: Miami is capable of fielding a competitive team if the powers that be want to do things a bit differently.


My son is right: “Miami hockey used to be great, now its a total joke” Hard to argue with him. Zero excuse for this.

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My son said it’s weird that Daniel Tiger’s family has tiger print curtains in their house.


Tied up at 2 after 2 and looking much better so far tonight!

(watch, I probably just jinxed us for the third period by saying that :roll_eyes:)


Now 4-2 with 6 left to play! Let’s send the seniors off with a win in their last game at the Goggin!

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