December 2024 Portal

Names are already starting to show up as kids are announcing they’re entering the portal when it opens on December 4.

Several QBs have already announced, including Mississippi State’s Will Rogers, Kansas State’s Will Howard, Texas A&M’s Max Johnson and QBs from Indiana, Michigan State, and other programs.

Getting a QB from the portal might be easier than getting an OC who can put in a VaTech-Vick type offense for AV


My impression entirely.

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I don’t see us getting a wb in partial

Not sure how many WB’s will be out there


It would be nice to have more clarity on Brett’s future, but I don’t see us getting that any time soon. I think you plan for him not to play next season. That means you’re left with AV, Kopp, Hesson, and Gotkowski. I think you at least kick the tires on a QB. They’ve also now had a spring and fall to evaluate Kopp in practice. Hopefully they have a good idea on if he can be a starter going forward. If we start offering a bunch of QB’s right out of the shoot, I think that’ll give us an indication.

Other than QB, we need to address TE, WR, DL, and possibly DB. It’ll partially just depend on what players of ours decided to test the waters.


Bring back the triple option!!

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Good old Wing Backs!

I thought the entire team entered the portal during the Akron game???

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His brother is our starting QB next year!


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We need a QB from the portal. We can’t win with AV and nobody else has any experience. Kopp, Hesson may be the answer but I would want someone in that room who has started and played a year or two.


Miami offers a Dartmouth DL transfer.


There will be a Buttload of QB’s to choose from.

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I don’t know anything about or backups, other than Kopps transfer issues. But good grief, anyone would be better than Aveon at QB.

Brett can come back if he wans

Tyler Van Dyke will enter the portal. Let’s go for it. From Miami to Miami :smiley:

Interesting all the offers he’s already received. Lot of mid-major coaches sitting at their computers.

I wonder who we will lose to portal?

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Aveon is 7-2 in MAC starts. We can’t win with just Aveon maybe, but he’s capable of putting the team in a position to win.

Ideally next year we’d have a solid passer as the starter, with Aveon as a seasoned backup (& potentially even involved in a 2 QB system).

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“We can’t win with AV”

As AV is undefeated as a starter this season….