Coppin State preview

I’ll tell you who’s pissed about the state of affairs: Fang Mitchell. He had Coppin dialed in back in the day. They were the 15 seed that upset the 2 once at the dance. Were always a tough out. Then they fired him for having a few down years.

I spoke with Steele at HawkTawk this week and asked him about it. He said that Potter’s back is “good enough that if he had to give us minutes he could, but I’d rather get him completely healthy before putting him out there.”

I liked that answer, sounds like he will be completely ready to go for conference play if not sooner.


That’s wonderful to hear

That’s just about the best answer I could hope for. Thanks for the info.

Glad to hear RedSuit. Can you shed any insight on Julian Lewis?

No rest until we tell Coppin State about the haunted sex toys at Emerson


Eastern Illinois wins 48-46 over Coppin State


The social media post is dumb only cause we haven’t been good thus far this year and Coppin State sucks. Posted right after a rivalry win or power 5 upset, that post is funny and would get positive attention. Clutching pearls over it in general is dumb too.


I’m not clutching pearls. It’s just kind of embarrassing.

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When these things come back to embarrassing your organization it involves far more than clutching pearls.

These type of edited videos are pretty common and not embarrassing or offensive to most people, so I’d stand by pearl clutching as a description. Certainly some people are going to find it offensive, but that’s not the norm.

See this example from UT football recently:


I wish I could, but I unfortunately don’t know anything on the Julian front.

I agree with you but have 2 questions for the expert(s):

  1. How many people will actually see/care about anything we do on social media. Honestly. Hundreds? A couple thousand? Prove to me that the reach of this is damaging. That the frequency is memorable. And the idea that it will be saved or captured in retribution probably is not reality. Show me this is a threat.

  2. Even if millions saw this (and this is the most important point) who will remember it in 48 hours? Seriously. Name one celeb post you can recite from an hour ago much less a day. People who have 10 million followers. As a post I find it dumb (for too many reasons to mention), but again, it’s social media. It’s absolute wallpaper. Most of it is stupid. Dare I say disposable. Like banner ads, no one remembers them in the morning.

Also, for what it’s worth, social media is the death of all good things.

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Didn’t know where to post this, but Evansville beat Ball St by 24 today. That was surprising to see.


Aces 4-0.

You have let me down. Please turn in your red suit! :grinning: