Coppin State preview

I know we’ve become a football school, but I’m just pretty darn excited about the Miami Classic (tickets still available), starting Friday night at 7.
Coppin State from Baltimore is 0-4 after losing 61-41 to Louisville. They are only averaging 51 points per game to Miami’s 64. They have a first year coach, alum Larry Stewart, who succeeded Maryland All American and NBA player Juan Dixon. They play again Saturday against Eastern Illinois at 2:30 (tickets also available).

Eastern Illinois is 1-3, making them the team to beat. Miami and Eastern meet Sunday afternoon (some single seats remain). The winner of the Classic automatically qualifies for the NBA mid season tournament.

What is the NBA Midseason tournament?

Sorry, IN-SEASON tournament.

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What is it??

Well, it’s a tournament that’s already started, where NBA teams play each other in a designated game and the winners keep advancing, and someone wins the championship and each player and coach gets $500k or something. They change the floor graphics for the game ands it’s god awful and makes it hard to see the players. That’s as much as I know.


Louisville beat these guys? Well then maybe we actually have a chance.

Thanks for writing this up. I have a lot going on this week and was late getting around to it. 4 times in 5 days I am driving to Oxford and back for games ( 100 minutes one way) plus my 101 year old Mom had a Thanksgiving meal with me and a couple of relatives at her assisted living home. Oh, and I am going to Indiana for a Jr High play Sunday after the game. I am not used to being his busy.

We need to win both these games, the schedule is only going to get tougher after this.


I’m just looking forward to playing in the NBA mid season tournament. Bring on Lebron!

Coppin St is 360/362 in the Kenpom rankings. They lost by 45 to Virginia Tech and by 21 at home against Towson. If we don’t win this one (ideally by double digits), it’s definitely time to hit the panic button.

We’re 13.5 point faves. We’re not 13.5 points better than anyone.

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I don’t really disagree, but find another team depending on freshmen and who lost two key players within the last month,

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In an otherwise disappointing day vs Texas St, I thought Ipsaro and Cooper showed they are deserving starters in the backcourt. Curious what the lineup for tonight will be.

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I don’t think the Saturday game can start at 2:30 as the Miami-Western Kentucky women’s game tips off at 1:00. I suppose this is a DH and maybe you can stay and watch if you attended the women’s game.

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Phil I just posed this question on a text thread :grinning:. I would start Ipsaro, Cooper, Hunter, Morris, and either Mabrey or Bultman. But yes, I think Ipsaro and Cooper earned the right to start after last game. And truthfully if we started Elmer as the fifth tonight, I would be ok with that too.

Yeah, right now, my starting five would be Ipsaro, Cooper, Hunter, Bultman and Morris.

I think it’s pretty clear Dean isn’t a PG. I’d like to see him be more of a catch & shoot type player off the ball. Only problem there is that’s essentially what Mabrey is too. I wish either or both could be more of a creator/distributor with the ball but it doesn’t look that way.

Bultman has obviously struggled, but he’s been active and I still hope he can slow the game down, start knocking down shots, and become a solid swingman. I’d start giving Elmer some more minutes just to see what he has and let him learn. Elmer is a supreme athlete, somebody that ideally can progress like we’ve seen Morris do from year 1 to year 2. Elmer’s shot is pretty smooth but I’m guessing the moving, positioning, and defense is still a lot for him this early. But again, freak athlete.

Ipsaro is really impressive to me. I know he hasn’t shot the ball well, and isn’t really scoring yet, but I think that’ll come. His physicality, tenacity, and court vision really stand out. The sooner he’s given the keys to the offense, the better off the team will be into February & March as well as 2024. He’s not quite in as good as shape as he needs to be, but I’m really hyped about what I’ve seen. Comes from an excellent HS team that played and beat good competition. I think Ipsaro will (and needs to) be the heart and soul of the program. Strikes me as a worker and competitor.

Cooper has also really impressed me, though in different ways than Ipsaro. I’m most impressed with Cooper’s composure and demeanor. He hasn’t looked overwhelmed or lost in his first two games. He seems a very willing (and potentially gifted) on-ball defender, though is lacking size/bulk right now. Good handle, good feel, is knocking down a variety of shots. I think he and Ipsaro should learn on the job and get a ton of minutes.

Finally, just want to praise the progress Morris has made from last season. He’s bigger, he’s a bit more active and able offensively, and still possesses a great work rate. Needs to get better defending without fouling, and specifically contesting without fouling. But he’s a guy that has the look of a terrific upperclassman in the MAC. Could be a double-double machine as early as later this year.

Anyway, those are some bright spots I’ve seen. I’m trying to stay optimistic and remind myself this season is going to be a learning process. Would love it if Potter could get healthy and begin playing–the back issues make me very nervous already.


Julian Lewis on the bench, but not dressed.

Am I the only one watching the game?

I am too.