Colorado College at Miami series thread

Both teams are 0-2 in NCHC play. Needs wins this weekend.

Preview here: Preview: Colorado College at Miami – View From the Glass

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this weekend we need a sweep :dart::dart:

There can be only one bottom feeder.

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The third one is Shegos

Why is Bruno a scratch? Don’t they usually have two goalies on the bench at home?

And good to see a good amount of our guys wearing neck guards

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Nothing like giving up a SHG early on a 5 minute power play. :grimacing: 1-0 CC.

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Woof. That was an ugly first period. 4-0 CC, giving up 2 goals to Noah Laba and 2 more during Moulton’s 5 minute major (that still has almost a minute left on it). :face_vomiting:

The team is getting absolutely manhandled at home by colorado college

At least moultons reign of terror on the hawks is over for now…the last couple games for him have been rough -makes me sad because he is one of my favorites :frowning:

We’ve been outscored 10-0 in the last 4+ periods

Brutal. How has Western Michigan figured out the NCHC but not Miami??? WMU leading SCSU

WMU has NO advantages over Miami in any sport. But yet in hockey they have figured it out.

Good Lord, Berge. Awful!!

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I feel like we settled down a bit after the first period. If you take away the first 20 minutes it’s a 1-1 game. Unfortunately for the team a hockey game lasts 60 minutes, not 40 and that’s not gonna change anytime soon. They looked like the ones coming off the plane from Colorado Springs playing their first out-of-state series of the season in a different altitude.

Better start tomorrow —>

They actually have all kinds of things we do not have. Starting with the fact that they are right in the middle of hockey country. They also have a nice sized town which provides a lot of financial backing and is in fact currently paying for and building a new downtown arena which will be used for hockey and basketball with a bussing system to get students from campus to the arena.

Recently one family gave the biggest one time donation to a University in American history. Most of it was for the medical school they are building, but I believe $50 million was designated for sports. Despite being a bigger city than many of the MAC towns, it also still has the feel of a college town, which Akron or Toledo or Buffalo do not.


Bigger than the OSU donation T. Boone Pickens made? That was for a billion dollars. OSU should have done more with that money. They literally lost half of it in bad investments before his FA’s took control of it. If he were still alive, he’d be pissed OU was in the SEC.

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Yes Colorado Springs is nice but so is Oxford. This does not explain why we have a terrible hokey program. I have made the Western Michigan comparison point on this site for some time. A coaching change needed to be made at least 2 years ago. Like men’s BB, women’s BB, baseball, volleyball ( I believe women’s cross country also finished last in the MAC ) our AD waits until our programs hit rock bottom before making a needed change. We also accept a mediocre football record with minimal or no oversight. Miami could be so much better in the athletic area with some thoughtful leadership and BOT oversight.


We have a terrible hockey program because we cannot afford 3 competitive major programs