Clemson Tigers Tournament

Miami beat UConn today, 6-3. We’ve got Ole Miss and then the host #9 Clemson tomorrow. A split would be great.

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I think its Ole Miss tomorrow

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Down to 9 undefeated teams in the country by my count.

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Correction: a few teams are very late in starting play and I hadn’t looked for them. 2 teams picked up wins in their first games yesterday, making it 11 teams that currently have 1.000 win percentages. There’s also 5 teams that still haven’t played a game yet.

Crazy start vs Ole Miss. Three Miami errors on the first three plays to open the game! Got out of it with no runs scored and two Rebs LOB.

Cummings homers to lead off for Miami in the bottom of the first.

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Bottom of the 3rd, Miami is still at bat and up 5-1 now. HRs by Cummins and Golembiewski

7-2 Hawks top 4 this team is a problem

Once led 7-1, now down 8-7 after 5.

Maybe we go on another run

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Seems we’re fortunate this one’s even close. We’ve made 4 errors, and we’ve only left 4 on base to their 10.

Now 10-7 Rebels top 7

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Trying to rally. A run in and a runner on 1st with no outs. Down 10-8 bottom 7.


Trailing 8-7 we gave up a two-out two-run homer to make it 10-8. Too bad because Karli Spaid homered to lead off in the bottom of 7. Would have tied it without that HR. Lost it 10-8 after leading most of the way.

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It certainly appears that Miami has the offensive fire power to make a serious run at making a super regional, but I’m concerned that our pitching may leave us short.

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Pitching dropped off last season with Vierstra’s departure. Actually looks a bit improved this season with the transfer arms.

Went to the freshman instead of the other transfer when the starter got in trouble in 5th and the freshman got hammered.

Vierstra is probably the best pitcher in Miami history so of course there’s going to be a drop off with her departure. My concern is that maybe the current crop isn’t as dominant as Pratt.


So you know that other convo about NIL value re: MAC schools. might be starting to agree regarding one area. If we bought two epically great pitchers (or maybe even just one) we could likely have a top 25 team every year. That might be a smart move

Pratt was very good but we didn’t have any depth after her. This Clemson broadcast crew is annoying, especially the color guy. They never shut up and they talk about everything but this game or these teams.

10-1 Final in 5. Weren’t competitive against a Top 10 team. We’re still a pretty damned good team.