Chase For The New Year's 6

Let’s focus on U of Muncie and Toledo.

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Chris Vaninni’s current G5 rankings:

Group of 5 Top 10

1. Tulane (10-1)
2. James Madison (10-1)
3. Liberty (11-0)
4. Toledo (10-1)
5. SMU (9-2)
6. UNLV (9-2)
7. UTSA (8-3)
8. New Mexico State (9-3)
9. Miami (Ohio) (9-2)
10. Ohio (8-3)

I’d love to see us play New Mexico State in either Myrtle Beach or Charlotte.

I think NMSU will end up in the New Mexico Bowl

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I still don’t understand how NMSU lost at home to UMass. When that happened I thought “Yikes, I hope NMSU is terrible otherwise the UMass game isn’t the gimme we expected.”

And yet here we are… UMass ended up being terrible… and both Miami and NMSU are looking for double digits in victories.


It’s possible - oddly in a place where they are despised.

I am not sure that I want to play NMSU. They are playing good football right now. As I don’t see any likely matchups that really move the needle for our fans or program I want the worst possible opponent. I think a bowl win is always a good thing!

If Tulane beats SMU, they should get the NY6 slot. If Tulane loses, then Liberty would likely get the spot if they win.

If Tulane and Liberty both lose, then SMU or Toledo (if they win) would get the spot.

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