Centrally Located Basketball Arena

Would a centrally located basketball arena attract more students to games? And not have to build an entire new arena? It could be done, but might take a little extra scheduling gymnastics. Need to figure out logistics on locker rooms. The building exists already on campus. Here you go! :grinning: :grinning:

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I thought someone had said previously that Goggin wasn’t built in a way that would allow flipping the configuration to basketball, but not sure on the specifics. Obviously though, it would be a much better location, size and atmosphere when compared to Millett

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Yes I recall this same discussion a few years back…we had a once frequent poster (KC Redskin IIRC) who was an architect working for one of the major sports venue architectural and construction companies, and he said Goggin wasn’t built in a manner that would easily allow it to be flipped from hockey to hoops. Too bad as I think it would be a great solution if at all possible.

Others here (Mol included) may recall those conversations.

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I remember the poster who insisted there was a “master plan.”

It will be revealed any day now.


Yeah me too…

DigitalHawk: you follow Miami hoops (and other sports) closely…is Goggin a possibility for hoops?

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All the administration needs to do is build it underneath Brick Street (First Run) and we’d have the best attendance in the MAC. A subterranean arena would be awesome.

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Sure, it’s called “ ice hoops”, Really big in Finland.

Embarrassed to say I’ve been in Goggin once, so hard to visualize. Anything new and shiny will draw students, and Millett location certainly not great.

Master plan reveal:


I don’t quite understand why Goggin is considered “centrally located”. It’s at the far south end of campus. Millett is on the far north end. It’s a long way from North quad and East quad residence halls to Goggin.


Flower to Goggin = 1 mile
Stanton to Millett = 1.1 miles


Students consider it more centrally located, Goggin that is. I did a student survey. I asked my daughter!!

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Are there campus buses that can run during an “event”?
We see them at football games.

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So, anyone here know why Goggin can’t be converted to hosting hoops and hockey? I am sure scheduling would be a real headache, but if it’s completely unrealistic then perhaps we can drop the subject altogether. It’s a cool arena, and seats what, 3600 for hockey? Suppose you could easily get 4,000 or more in for hoops with court side temp seating etc.

On the old forum, I remember a poster saying building the capability was explored but ended up being more of a price increase than the university was willing to stomach. Not sure of the factuality or if it could be retrofitted for the right price.

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I believe it was a price decision, not that the switching back and forth couldn’t be done. Now if they don’t want to switch Goggin back and forth, right next door is a place called Phillips, a lovely site for a new arena…

I believe it was KCRedskin who explained that having a switchable floor requires a certain size building footprint, that the site of Goggin could have accommodated that footprint, but that the university (presumably to save money) built a smaller footprint that isn’t big enough to accommodate the necessary equipment for a switchable floor. (Or at least this was the case at the time, who knows if the tech has gotten better.)

EDIT: to be clear, the bigger footprint isn’t for the ice/court itself, but for the extra equipment necessary to keep the ice in proper condition while covered.