Buffalo Game Thread

Here we go. No margin for error from now on. Go RedHawks!

Miami needs to be ready to go at the opening kickoff. We weren’t ready at the get go for UC, Minnesota, LIU and obviously at Ohio. That can’t happen any more! Let’s go!

Looks like a packed house tonight

And I despise the gray shirts


My immediate reaction, too. I absolutely hate those greys - almost as much as the Feathered MiMi uniforms. Grey is not part of our color scheme!

It’s weird that we’re wearing the gray unis.

This feels like it could be a long night for the defense

Yay me fir the reverse hex

That might be a good omen. We are in the bottom 19 nationally in turnovers. Got one on the first series!


What a start.




What’s up, mutherfletchers?!!! Let’s go!!!

Boise State R us! Trickerstion Touchdowns two weeks in a row!

Man, what a start. I’m rock hard over here.

That catch moves Jack Sorenson to #4 in the country in receiving yards on the season. He just needs 40 more tonight to move up to #3.


David Bell has to be close to #1 right?

Love hearing the fight song after a big play like that, when the band gets a little too excited and plays it at a fast tempo.

Was #6, just dropped down to #7 on that completion.

Saunders really laid some hat on the wide out!

Creativity!! And why gray uniforms?

For future board reference, the “open mouth” is going to be my substitute for the “insightful” emoji. It has nothing to do with the information Quinoaburger shared making me want to show my “oh face” Well, maybe just a little bit.

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Let’s stop complaining about the greys. I’m not watching yet, but I’m sure they’re atrocious. But do they still say “Miami” on the front? Are we winning? LFG.

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