Brett Gabbert post Toledo - Archdeacon

Nice article by Tom Archdeacon

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Which bone was it or do we not know yet.

Will he be able to be on the sideline at any point the rest of the season? His presence would be a lift for the team.

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We need a sad emoji.


Just speculating based on my own history of injuries and surgery, likely tibia, possibly both tib and fibula involved, but usually put the rod in for tibia, may have needed some hardware for fibula too though.

It’s likely, crutches at first and then give him a knee scooter and he can zoom around the sideline :joy:.

OU might be tough due to the travel, but you’d think if Doc clears him to travel, that he’d get there.

Picturing Brett in the press box in a hospital bed like Hugh Freeze at Liberty.

Brett on the sidelines against OU:

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If I’m Brett, I’m done with Miami. The coaching staff has caused 2 major injuries to the kid….if he wants to play, go somewhere that’ll take care of you…

Or, better yet, keep Brett and get rid of Chuck!

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Unless that rod is temporary, I’m guessing Brett is probably done with playing football. Even if it eventually comes out, playing again might be a risky option. Brett already has a Bachelors degree and a Masters degree from Miami.


I understand Brett wanting to come back. I hope he has good people around him looking at his options. But he still has a lifetime ahead of him - one where he may want to run and play with kids. I hope he makes the best decision for him and his future.


I hope he has s chance to Gino his college career on his own terms. However, life doesn’t work like that most of the time. Particularly with football. Whatever he decides I know this. He’s a winner. He will be great at whatever he does.


And at some point down the road he will be inducted into Miami’s Athletics Hall of Fame.

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“To Gino” = to finish. :smile:

Who was Gino?

Auto correct changed finish to Gino. Why? Beats me.

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The 2001 UC game: the Gino Bowl between Gino DiGiandomenico and Gino Guidugli

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If he plays another “year” someone should be arrested for abuse.