Brett Gabbert and Jack Sorenson-Career Numbers!

We obviously are seeing something special in the chemistry between Brett and Jack. I don’t know exactly how many TD passes Jack has caught from Brett, but it has to be significant. But more significant are what these two are doing as far as season and career numbers.

Jack with 1209 yards receiving this year is 289 yards behind Martin Nance year record of 1498. He is currently 4th all time in receiving yardage with 2873. That leaves him 258 yards behind Martin Nance for 3rd place. He is 6th alltime in TD catches for his career at 19. One behind Trevor Gaylor for 5th place and 4 behind Nick Harwell for 3rd place.

Brett Gabbert is equally impressive. His 4808 career passing yards places him 8th all time, 544 yards behind Daniel Raudabaugh for 7th place. His 35 career TD passes places him 7th all time. His QB rating of 145 is 2nd all time only behind Big Ben’s 151. That is also good for 15th all time in the MAC. Not bad numbers for someone who a few weeks ago garnered a comment that “we would be better off if he transferred.” Let’s hope he stays.

So let’s enjoy the Jack and Brett show for as long as it lasts!!


Well said. The two definitely have a special connection between them.

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I can’t find any comments on either board about how we’d be better off without Gabbert, only comments saying we’d be in a much worse spot without him.

Who said that?

Well stated, Bluesman! These two are special. I had nicknamed Sorenson ‘Bambi’ because to me, he resembles NFL Hall of Famer Lance Alworth in the way he runs routes and plays and is so much like a ballet dancer in his moves and athleticism. I believe Jack will be a ‘Edelman/Welker/Shipley’ type receiver in the NFL next year for some team, if they take a chance on him.


I think your comparisons are apt Chris.

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That one catch he had on the goal line last night against BGSU where he got absolutely blasted and held on to the ball and popped up like nothing happened was bad ass. I was totally amazed he held on to the ball.


Crazy to think Brett might leave here with better numbers than Ben. Hopefully Jack can beat a couple more milestones before he leaves.

Who was talented receiver we had a few years ago whose career was ended by one of the dirtiest hits I’ve ever seen?

MUHawk-you are probably thinking of James Gardner. 6’4" 220 pound WR.


Yeah, the kid had NFL size. It was just crushing to see his career end after a cheap shot.

Chris Hudson got a cheap shot from Eastern Illinois.


Yes he did. Hudson would have had a nice career absent that cheap shot.

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Brett Gabbert was named 3rd team all MAC this week. There is very good argument that he should have been 1st or 2nd team all MAC.: Led MAC in pass efficiency, in passing TDs (despite playing only 9 gms.) & in pass yards per game, with a 4:1 (24:6) INT-to-TD ratio. Let’s hope Brett stays at least one more year and doesn’t transfer. With an improved OL and running game, this offense can be even better next year, if he stays

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Why are you saying if he stays? Is there a specific concern about it?

I think in todays climate there is a concern about it for everyone on the roster. But especially a QB with the production Brett Gabbert has had. In 25 games he is 8th all time in Miami passing yards, 7th in TD passes, and 2nd in passing rating. I would be shocked it some other teams haven’t reached out to him.


2 very special players and both seem to be good young men as well.

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I may have my rules confused but, I didn’t think teams were allowed to “recruit” players from other teams unless the player was in the portal?

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Ok I hear you but a general warning is way better than a specific warning.

Truth. The current saying among coaches is that you now have to constantly be re-recruiting your own roster.

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I gave a general comment. No more. If I had a specific “warning” I would have said “player X is being contacted by Y”.

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