Bowl Projections

I love Athlon! In their latest prognostication they have Miami in the Myrtle Beach Bowl against Charlotte. A winnable game against a team that ought to draw well and only 75 minutes from my driveway!

The predictions from the various sources are all over the place - I’ve seen Nassau, Boise, Arizona and none. Probably won’t be any substance to any of these until at least late next week for some schools.

By my count 59 schools are already bowl eligible and 29 are already eliminated. They’ll need an additional 25 teams from the 42 still potentially eligible. It would appear to me that maybe as many as four or five 6-6 teams might be left out in the cold once the dust completely settles. If we lose one of our last two, one of those would probably be us.

If we win out in the regular season we can insure we’re not one of those sitting home.

Myrtle Beach bowl would be great!

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Seriously! Hopefully we’ll be bowl eligible by midnight on Tuesday. The other one that would work is the one in Boca on Dec 18. I can get a flight from MYR to FLL on Thursday evening and back on Sunday morning for $60 round trip. The Bahamas, Boise or Arizona would be pretty costly.

I do too but still gotta beat Kent as 6-6 record is very unlikely to get bowl bid although maybe the East division “champ” is guaranteed a bowl?? Even if so, if we then lose in MACC we’d have a mediocre 6-7 record…don’t even want to see us in a bowl w that kind of record.

CincyKid - Totally agree!

If Miami wins the east, the record would be 7-5
so even losing the MACC, the record would be 7-6

DDay…an inexcusable loss to BG, coupled with an OU loss to Toledo and a Miami win over Kent could send Miami to the MACC with a 6-6 record right?

We need to just run the damned table.

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Yes, that’s true, but I figure if Miami can’t beat BG at home, they very likely won’t beat Kent on the road.


Agree but you never know how we are going to play the poorer teams…I was just referring to the unlikely event we back into a title if we somehow lose to BG and beat Kent and we win the tie breaker.

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Not sure if it matters whatsoever, but if we’re one of just two eligible East teams would that benefit us instead of being lumped together with six West teams that might all be.

If Miami can’t beat BG at home we don’t deserve to go to a bowl game.





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Agree 100 percent

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Bowl Updates after Week 12: The only update posted right now is Jerry Palm’s CBS Sports update. It might be flawed because he has Illinois in a Bowl game - unless he’s projecting the possibility of a 5-7 team getting in. He has eight MAC teams in based on the assumption that Ball State will beat Buffalo in Muncie in this week’s MACtion. But he has Miami in Nassau and Kent in the Cure on the same day - the first two bowls of the season. Because one of them (Miami, of course) is going to the MAC Championship, that’s not likely to happen.

By my calculations, it might be possible that the bowls might actually need one or two 5-7 teams.

The bowls need 82 teams. 71 teams are already eligible. I’m predicting only 7-8 more will reach the magic number of 6 wins.

There are at least four head to head elimination games this week - Rutgers v Maryland, ODU v Charlotte, MTSU v FAU and Florida v Florida State. That’s four automatic qualifiers.

The rest of the schedule is far less predictable.


When we played Mississippi St in the St Pete’s Bowl a few years back, they were 5-7. Does 6 wins really matter or was that just special circumstances?

All 6 win teams make it before 5 win teams can be picked is my memory

Yes, 5-7 teams are used to fill in spots but every 6-6 team must be in a bowl before any 5-7 team is picked.

And 5-7 teams are selected in order of there academic performance index numbers.

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6-7 teams are below 6-6 but above 5-7 IIRC.

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