Bowl Interest Link on Miami Football Summary

On Wednesday morning, there is a link at the bottom of last night’s game summary page on the Miami Football page soliciting interest in obtaining information on a Miami bowl game. I clicked on it snd filled it out. It’s probably a means of measuring fan interest in order to try to sell Miami to the best bowl game possible - and keep us out of Nassau and Boise. I’d advise everyone to fill it out.


(I really just want an excuse to not make NYE plans)

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Yep. Tucson is NYE

Win out!

Come on…would be great as this team could be 9-2 right now…winning out would be major props.

I will supply the beverages.

Almost a thousand bucks round trip from ILM or MYR to Tucson that weekend. $60 RT to FLL for the Boca Bowl. 75 minutes in the car for me to Myrtle.

Nassau baby!

I was in the press box last night, and it was explained that Miami will not be going to the Bahamas due to:

That game is one of the first bowl games and teams will need to get passports for all players, coaches & staffs. Because of this selections will be made soon before all other bowls. Since Miami & Kent could be in the MACC, neither will be selected. The MAC team will likely be a team from the MAC west that is bowl eligible and has been eliminated from playing in the MACC.


Great insight, D-Day! Stewart Mandel’s updated projection this morning has Ball State going to Nassau so that fits your narrative - IF Ball State can manage to beat either Central or Buffalo in Muncie. He has Miami heading to the Boca Bowl against FAU. I’m not sure there are many instances of teams hosting their own bowls - except for Hawaii - so I’m not sure how accurate he might be on that. just put this up…

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Myrtle Beach would be my definite pick since I would absolutely be able to make that one.

So yeah, let’s unwind on Myrtle Beach time…

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Myrtle Beach would be my top pick if I had a choice. Bring the golf clubs, golfers!


Bahamas Bowl: Not possible because we’re in contention for the MAC championship game.

Lending Tree Bowl: We played there in 2019. Would like something different.

Potato Bowl: Nobody wants to go to Idaho in December.

Camellia Bowl: The game is on Christmas day, which would be a huge pain.

Quick Lane Bowl: Nobody wants to go to Detroit in December, especially if we just played in the MAC championship game there a couple weeks prior.

Cure Bowl, Boca Raton Bowl, Myrtle Beach Bowl, Frisco Bowl: Don’t see a huge distinction between any of these. All of them would be fine.

Arizona Bowl: Would give us about an extra week and a half of practice compared to the other bowls, which could be an advantage for next season. The bad: the game is in Tucson and will not be broadcast on TV; only streaming on the Barstool Sports website.

Please god anything but the Barstool Bowl

Quinoaburger nailed it with this priority list. The “no TV” for the game is Arizona is a big negative. I know streaming is basically the same as traditional TV in many aspects these days… but there is something weird about playing in a bowl game that you can’t find on a network with a household name.

That’s completely uncalled for, Burgundy. You know those rating systems are flawed. They don’t take in account houses that have… uh… more than two television sets… and other things of that nature.

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Tucson is not a major airport - flights are few in an out and really expensive that holiday weekend- think up to $1000 RT. Not easily drivable from most places in our footprint.

Enjoy! I will be covering the office the week after Christmas for all the coworkers that have already scheduled off.

First: beat Kent.