Bob Huggins DUI’d again

And he never learns

He blew a .21, had empties on the floor, and apparently told police he couldn’t remember how he got to Pittsburgh.

And, of course, shortly, there will be a head coaching position available at WVU.

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There should be. He isn’t fit to coach right now. Maybe ever again.


This should probably do it for him, I’d imagine

I’ll believe it when I see it with WVU. They have a loaded team coming back next year and their fans/boosters love Huggins. Someone in that administration is going to have to be the grown up in the room. Again, I’ll believe it when I see it.

I’m actually amazed he’s still alive, especially with his family history.


The police report says that he thought he was in Columbus when questioned by officers.

Huggins expected to resign

Here’s the article

Here’s hoping he gets the help he needs. A sad end to that career.


Agreed. He’s an asshole but I don’t wish addiction on him.


Intelligent and insightful as always DG :roll_eyes:

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Bob’s empty beer cans were found in a plastic trash bag…so props to Chuggy Bear for his recycling efforts.


Sounds like the daughter’s free ride is over. Time to get a job.

Maybe scrap metal prices will go up and she can go out collecting with daddy and make a fortune

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I don’t even know where to start here…

Bob Huggins tries to walk back resignation from West Virginia, school denies demand for reinstatement (

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Huggy Bear is a true piece of work!