BG Game Week 2023

A game which once felt like Kent State round 2, now has a little more juice to it after BG knocks of Georgia Tech. Will the Falcons experience a hangover after a big win? Or will the confidence of beating an ACC team get things headed in the right direction.

From listening to interviews with their coach, it seems like perhaps it’s more mental than physical with BG. They have some talent, but haven’t been able to put it all together due to mental lapses and inconsistent play. Definitely a team we need to be prepared for.

It’s family weekend, so hope to have a good crowd. I’ll be there +10 or so. Looks like the fall weather will arrive just in time for Saturday.


Not a great long term weather forecast for Saturday with a high of 55 and showers.

I think a big difference for BG was having starting QB Connor Bazelack back and healthy. Bazelack was a big high school star at Alter High School in Kettering and is a former starting QB for both Missouri and Indiana.

GT is terrible. Good for them. We haven’t forgotten last year. We beat them by double digits on Saturday.


I’m wondering how GT ever won at Wake Forest last week?


Glad Gage is getting better. Would love to have him on the field, but I would love to have him on the field against OU and Toledo more. So if he isn’t as healed as one can be at this point of the season, sit him another game.


I am just going to add on the online ticket selling page on Miami’s athletic site sucks. 5 times I tried to purchase and it wouldn’t let me. Finally had to call. Kid who answered the phone sounded like he didn’t even know we had a game on Saturday. I had used the online site for Delaware State. They need to fix this damn system.


@JiveHawk another example that needs to be brought to the attention of Dave Meyer…our ticket system absolutely sucks. @Nickskin wasn’t able to because he was logged into his account a few weeks back.

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55 and showers? That honestly sounds like average BG weather. Mother Nature hates when Miami plays BG.

Let’s smash some pumpkins.

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Some part of the University has apparently put an orange Jack o Lantern up overtop of the Sundial and Turtles. Miami’s Facebook page featured it.

Miami opens as a 10.5 point favorite.

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.oo3” in rain in the am Friday
.oo3” in the pm Friday
Zip Saturday. Per accuweather.
And cool. Not too bad.

BG is the new Cheezits Team of the Week after last week’s upset of GT.

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Football weather.

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After the UC win, I made an angry tweet out of frustration because you couldn’t buy MBB season tickets online. How do you not leverage that win into additional BB ticket sales? How was there not a single call to action soliciting donations to keep the momentum going? Dave Meyer was nice enough to respond and he sent me his email in a DM. I included that issue, the one @Spanks004 mentioned above, one @GuardHawk had w/r/t the kids club, an issue @yanksalex has been having, and a few other things folks have made me aware of in an email to him. He told me he would forward all my concerns to the right people. So far only one person has responded and it’s to say Dave told them I had an issue. No mention which of the issues they were responsible for, no context of how they could help. Just a, “what’s up,” email. At least he sent a response, unlike everyone else.

Pretty much everybody answering the phones is a student. Their lack of help is less a reflection on them and more the lack of training and support anyone is giving them.

I’ve seen people give passes to certain employees. I’m not one of those people. It’s a department that throws darts and see what sticks. There’s no focus, direction, or strategy. Being busy is a side effect of that. The excuse the department is understaffed might not be wrong, but that’s something every department is facing. How can every other D1 AD find a way to operate at a functional level, and Miami’s can’t even let their own fans buy tickets?


Weather Channel says 60 & partly sunny. Rain Thursday and Friday.

hope that holds up.

For quite a few years, Miami’s “fan support” that comes from inside the org is a classic fail. There is virtually no support.

We have quite a few AD department staffers who do not even have their photos and/or bios on the website…no wonder staff turnover is so high…no one cares and if the internal staff is not even thrown a bone of modest recognition, it’s easy to see why there are issues in the outbound reach…

In fairness, in the past, I have received responses from Dave Meyer…though, I have lost interest several years ago when no fixes were ever even attempted.




Excuse me. Point of order. BG may or may not be very good. But they did just beat ACC’s Georgia Tech. “Sucks” might not be entirely accurate. Maybe they suck. They are at least dangerous. We are a big favorite. We better fucking win.