Bengals fans: The chili is on the stove

And: My sister sent my dad a video where Ickey Woods claims in it that my dad actually invented The Ickey Shuffle. Apparently, there’s a site called Cameo where you can pay celebs to do videos for friends of yours. What a concept!

Steelers fan here. Enjoy it while you can, Bengals fans. There’s no guarantee the team will ever be back. Remember, Dan Marino played in the Super Bowl his second year and was never in it again. Take it all in and enjoy every part of it. There’s nothing like being a fan of a Super Bowl team. I have enjoyed six Super Bowl victories in my lifetime but I have no real optimism about the future.

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Browns fan here. Screw both of you.


I still enjoy the Reds even though they’ve stunk since 1990. One world championship is enough for me!

If the Browns were there, I’d be just as happy as if the Bengals were. Can any team from Ohio just please win a Super Bowl already.


And how was this categorized as Miami men’s sports?

That’s easy. I was typing this at my son’s swim lesson and couldn’t figure out where to put it. I’m dumb. Duh.


YellowNumber5 fan check—did you ever get to a Red’s game at Crosley Field?

How about good ole’ Riverfront Stadium?

Speaking of old…saw the Bengals play twice in their formative years down at Nippert Stadium at USucks campus.

75 Red_Skins and DigitalHawk…Hah! We’re going to the Super Bowl baby!!!

Who Dey!

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Get that Cincy Chili on the stove! I am been getting pictures of Skyline cans and frozen from former Cincy buddies now living all over the US. One from Chicago, another from Key West, and both my brothers in Indiana and Louisville.

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Shotgunning Skyline Chili…

Skyline is bad enough, but this? I can hear my gastro doc now, “Are you trying to die?”

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Riverfront yes! The Cros was gone by the time I started going.

I’m not betting the SB…too many variables…I think Bengals will win: 27-24…but they are overdue for a flame out…just hope it’s not tomorrow.

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I can accept whatever happens. Have been burned so many times it’s hard to feel confident or despondent.

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Cincinnati is the only place in the world where you could have a conversation with a nun about a three way, four way, or five way, and the only question she would ask is: Gold Star or Skyline?


I’ve got a six pack of cans in Orange County.


Cincy is the only place in the country where you can ask someone if they want to have a three-way and cornhole and they won’t accuse you of being rude.


We are going w 5 way today…why? Why not? The more ways the merrier!

If only I could find some Heudy out here or at least some doggone Little Kings. I’d have better luck finding Pliney the Elder and Pliney the Younger than either of the ones I need for today.

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Hell of a run. Mike Brown didn’t want to have to pay for a parade/party anyway.

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