Yesterday was heartbreaking. We get it. There is nothing we can do about it now but find the nearest bobcat and bash their fucking skulls with a brick.

No one feels sorry for us. They don’t. They’re laughing. It’s time to do what karma should have done a long time ago and burn that shithole town to the ground. We’re winning on Saturday. We’re winning the East. We’re winning the MAC.

If you don’t believe this then get the fuck out because we don’t want you. It all starts on Saturday when we remind those green and white bastards who we are. We are better than them. We always have been and always will be.

Fuck Ohio University.


Forget it, he’s rolling.

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Best I’ve heard since the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

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7 years of college down the drain (poetic license comparing OU to a college)



Everything Sack said. Every. Single. Word.

Our six game win streak coincided with my son’s six-week hockey program on Saturdays. This week was off for an inter-session break. A new chunk of hockey class starts next Saturday.

What I’m saying is, this is all the Anaheim Ducks’ fault for having a break in their Learn to Play program, and next week, all will be well. Beat Ohio!


Sackman-Your opening artwork on the neccesity of beating the Bobbies would get an A+ in any English Lit class any of us ever took! If you’re an attorney it’s got to be one of your best closing arguments ever!

I’ m still laughing my ass off as I type after reading you note A+++!!!

Beat the Bobbies!

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Ohio a 6.5 point favorite…. Let’s get ‘em.

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Note to self: include in all posts regarding OU the words “fuck” “fuck off” “bastards” “shithole” “assholes”. Then submit the post in my next pretrial conference! :rofl:

THE COURT: Counsel, it says here your final proposed instruction to the jury is simply “Fuck the Bobcats”?
Mr. BLUESMAN: That’s correct, your honor.
THE COURT: Any thoughts from the other side?
Mr. OTHER GUY: I don’t even know enough about it to object in the first place, your honor.
THE COURT: All right, having heard no objection, the jury will be instructed to Fuck the Bobcats.


Wait until you see my motions in limine!! :joy:


Here we go…for all you MHTer’s out there with a bit of extra time you can sign up and troll the Bobbies at their discussion board at:


One of their trollers apparently saw The_Sackmans little ditty and mentioned it in their Miami thread so fair’s fair I’d say.

Just be nice but have some fun with it.

Tell 'em the Marching 110 will be the day’s highlight and call them “the Bobbies” because apparently they hate the term.

BTW we’re the Redchickiens and MoFo’s.

Love & Honor! and Beat the Bobbies!!!

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Oh we have spies? Get out the bulletin board then:

*Billy Doran was superior in every way to Mike Schmidt
*Peter King is a lardass dipshit
*The Feds didn’t raid Tim Burke’s house because of “hacking” or whatever it’s because he went to OU (I grew up with Tim, he got screwed but still a Bobcat so…)
*Geno Ford is a chode
*Frank Solich is a menace to society and bathes in Everclear
*Jeff Boals is a human tampon.
*Even if Brandon Hunter is in Hell, you would still say that he’s in a better place than Athens, OH.
*You deserved Tim O’Shea. He is you. Clint Howard lookin’-ass
*Brandon Hunter will always be Refiloe Lethunya’s bitch.
*Jason Preston sucked, sucks, and will always suck. His only contribution to the NBA was a blog he wrote defending the Pistons selection of Darko probably.
*Everyone loved Joe Burrow raising all that money for the food bank but the locals were pissed because it didn’t mean that they could get free Pizza Rolls and 30 racks of IceHouse.
*The only reason that you go nuts on Halloween every year is because it’s the one weekend you get to play dress up and hide from the reality that every other day you are an Ohio University student by choice.

Fuck off. The Hocking Hills belong to Aveon Smith.


Wow. There are so many reasons to hate these Gingivitis-ridden hayseeds that I completely forgot the four most important numbers in sports history.



Nothing like the Miami/OU game to bring DG out of semi-retirement.

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Did you mean 1968, their last MAC Championship?


I’m hardly a prude, but the profanity in this thread is a bit much.

See you in November. You aren’t ready to win on Saturday. No holds barred.

I’m so fired up that my lard fingers are causing typos. Whatever. They’re losers.

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