Ball State men at Miami Saturday around 3:30

ESPN+. This is the second game of a DH, with a Western Michigan - Miami women’s game startsing at 1:00. A ticket for either game is good for the entire DH. We also have the Frisbee dogs at halftime of each game and Carnival in the Concourse for the kids starting at noon. Also, free tickets are available on

4 weeks ago Miami came from way behind late on a 3 pointer at the buzzer to tie the Cardinals in Muncie, then won the game in OT 87-80. That is why we are 5-6 and they are 4-7 in the MAC instead of the reverse. BSU is currently in 9th place and would not make the MAC tourney, but they have no more games against UT, Akron, or Central. This will be a big game for both teams for conference seeding position, not to mention the rivalry.

Miami is 11-13(5-6) while Ball State is 12-12(4-7). Coach Michael Lewis went 20-12 last season, his first in Muncie, but they are not as good this year. The Cardinals are led by 6-9 JR Basheer Jihad at 19.3/7.6.

6-3 JR Jalen Anderson 15.7/4.7/4.0apg. Transfer from Loyola Marymount
6-8 RSJR Mickey Pearson 12.0/5.3 Transfer from TCU
6-4 JR Davion Bailey 11.7/3.1/ 44 threes Transfer from Southeastern Community College
6-7 FR Mason Jones 4.8/3.8

For Miami, we have 10 guys averaging from 6 to 12.5ppg. Here are our leaders:
Scoring Anderson Mirambeaux and Darwishii Hunter 12.5ppg
Rebounding Bryce Bultman 5.1rpg
Assists Bryce Bultman 2.7 apg
Steals Mekhi Cooper 1.0 spg
Blocks Jacquel Morris 1.0 pg
3 PT % Reese Potter 62.5%
FG% Jacquel Morris 70.3%
FT% Ryan Mabrey 87.5%

In his pregame interview Coach Steele was asked what he might do about our recently struggling offense and his comment was that he told the guys to “get the ball to Andy and good things would happen”. I would say that means he is going to get a lot more than the 12 minutes he played at Georgia State.

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As Dick alluded to, this is a big one for our chances of making it to Cleveland. We are currently a game up on BSU for the final tournament spot. Win, and we’re essentially 3 games ahead of them due to a 2-0 tie-breaker. Lose, and we’re in a virtual tie.

Of note, it’s in our best interest for Akron to finish #1 for tie-breaking purposes since we’ve already beaten them, and we don’t face them again.

Steele expressed that Anderson has matched up well with some teams and not well with others, as shown by his stats. I’m guessing he thinks this is a good matchup.


So to repeat:

-Frisbee Dogs
-Concourse Carnival
-Free Tickets

Almost too good to be true.


Well, I guess I’m going tomorrow! Bringing my two kids and my sister.


Going up tomorrow

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We’re only 2.5 point favorites, fwiw.

Attendance estimates considering they’re literally giving away tickets and the students are back on campus? I’m going for at least 4K, but that seems ambitious.

We know it’s too cold for the students. Usually good turnout by staff and townies, with kids. 4k is still doable.

Pretty good crowd for the women’s game.


Brought the wife and 75% of the kiddo allotment up for the men’s and. Real solid crowd

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About 10 minutes before tip:


Good crowd


Only Miami would do something like this before a game

Gotta make time for the Frisbee Dogs at half. :laughing:

Anyway, slow pace so far. 7-3 Miami at the U16. Andy with 5.

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If I ever remake my handle, FrisbeeDog might be a solid contender.

We look sloppy. Lots of standing around. Shots not falling.

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Up 16-13 with 9:31 to go. Mirambeaux and Potter both with a trey.

Anderson misses a pair of FTs, and then at the other end commits his third foul.