Bahamas Bowl Pre-Game News and Other Tidbits

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Dec. 2

UAB: UAB has hired Ohio State offensive assistant Reilly Jeffers as tight ends coach, sources tell 247Sports. Jeffers previously worked for UAB coach Trent Dilfer at Lipscomb Academy in Nashville and was also a graduate assistant at FAU under then-head coach Lane Kiffin.

UAB : Alex Mortensen has been hired as UAB’s offensive coordinator, reports CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd. Mortensen has spent the last nine seasons as a graduate assistant or analyst at Alabama. He is the son of ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen.

UAB : UAB is expected to hire Grant Williams as offensive line coach, sources tell 247Sports. Williams worked for new UAB coach Trent Dilfer at Lipscomb Academy in Nashville. The former NFL offensive tackle previously served as an assistant in the XFL and at Lindenwood University.

Dilfer’s boys throttle CPA. A team of accountants?

UAB opens as a 12 point favorite.

We were double-digit underdogs against Mississippi State and Louisiana as well, ended up covering in defeat.


Wow…surprised see us that big a dog. Is it due to our inept offense or that UAB is just perceived as being that much better than us?

I was wondering ii vegas knows something that we dont. The metrics would say 6-7 point spread

Yes, they know that if were only a 6-7 point spread, all the money would be on UAB!

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Knowing something that we don’t is pretty much how Vegas works…


It’s not like it’s Alabama. It’s UAB. Good team but absolutely possible we can win.

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Anybody, anytime, anywhere!

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We certainly got the “anywhere” part down with this upcoming game.


Which metrics? SP+ agrees with a 12 point spread (technically it would say 12.1 points)

Sagarin ratings were 86 UAB vs 113 Miami and the difference in ratings was 6 and predictor was 7.

But good news on the other rating to justify the spread - makes me less concerned that we are going to the Bahamas with 50 players

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CFN predicts UAB 27-20. Writes Miami has a sound team but struggles to score.


Don’t we all know it!

If we are to win, prolly needs to be a 21-17 kind of score.

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Well, I mean, technically it is Alabama.


I haven’t heard we’re only taking 50. Where did you see that?

No. Sorry for confusion. My sagarin rating said we would lose by 7. The line was 12. I was worried that it meant that we had way more turnover with the roster than I knew about. But someone else posted that a 12 point line is reasonable.

I have no inside knowledge of how many we are taking. Hopefully way more than 50

The new UAB staff is coming together at warp speed…