Bahamas Bowl Game Thread

Here we go!

After watching UAB, her are my keys to the game:

Vincent coaching his last game as interim HC. He will have cards up the sleeve.

Don’t kick to Jermaine Brown (25 yard return average)

Contain inside/outside zone runs by McBride

Get pressure on Dylan Hopkins

Tight cover on Penn State transfer receiver TJ Jones and Shropshire.

Don’t try to beat cover man Starling Thomas V deep - former Alabama 100 meter state champ

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McBride not playing. Did we know this?


Let’s effing go, boys!

No points, but nice opening drive.

Missed a PI

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Night and day between the QBs.


Nice opening offensive play by UAB.

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Ya think!!


This isn’t going to take UAB long to score

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That was quick

Need a fast answer, or this could get out of hand quickly.


Well crap. Just settling in to watch.

We HAVE a to be able to throw the ball!! Otherwise we may get run out of the stadium.

Highly suspected.

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We have a lot of players in Street clothes

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Hip, what?

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Hip’s got to make that catch. Damn

They’ve figured out Smith likes to run.

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I would say something about our QB but I don’t want to upset Shooter!

We are making it look like Vegas was right early on. Need a stop here.

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